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MySelf: The free tool that helps you log your experiences and demonstrate transferable skills

Until you know what you have to offer employers, how can you convince them that they need you in their team? Although impressive experiences – both legal and non-legal – are vital, they are  most useful if you show employers the skills you have gained. That's where MySelf, LawCareers.Net's free self-analysis tool, can help…


A how-to guide to researching law firms

Researching a law firm in some depth before making an application is absolutely essential – it is impossible to secure a training contract without doing so. Here is a guide to that much talked about, but rarely explained, concept and an explanation of why it's so important.


Acing your pupillage interview

Hurray - you’ve managed to impress with your pupillage application. But yikes - now you’re looking down the barrel of an interview. Take a few deep breaths and consider what you can do to help your chances. Here, an expert from The University of Law offers advice on how best to prepare for pupillage interviews…


If you love a law student, give them something free: the best law fair freebies 2017

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year. While some get excited by the darkening nights and sparkling lights of impending yuletide festivities, here at LCN we look forward to our annual tradition of judging and scoring the haul of firm freebies from the 27 university law fairs we attended.


Law firm websites: how to read between the lines and work out whether a firm could be right for you

LCN’s Matthew Broadbent offers his salient advice on why it is crucial to do some decent research into the firm, chambers or other organisation where you are considering commencing your legal career.


Financing your studies: information on funding the LLB, GDL, LPC and BPTC

Money makes the world go round, they say, and it will certainly be a major consideration as you proceed through the halls of academia, be that at undergrad or postgrad level. Read on for a description of some of the loan and scholarship schemes that are available to you as a would-be lawyer.


Be part of the Inn crowd: joining an Inn of Court

You've got to be in it to win it - true of the National Lottery and true of a career at the Bar. As Inner Temple's Outreach Manager Struan Campbell kindly explains, thanks to the myriad of networking, scholarship and training opportunities on offer, there's much more to gain from joining an Inn than a few posh dinners.


First-year students: vacation schemes, student law societies and how to start building your CV

Essential advice for first-year students, from first-year schemes to extracurricular activities, law fairs and everything else in between.


Pro bono and law students: what's in it for me?

Director of Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre, Nick Johnson outlines the benefits of pro bono and explains why those on the receiving end of free legal advice are not the only ones who stand to gain.


AI and disruptive technologies: what do they mean for trainee solicitors and law firms?

As disruptive technologies change the legal profession, from the way law firms operate to the tasks that trainee solicitors are expected to perform, we look at what it all means for junior lawyers.