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Here is a guide to joining an Inn of Court, the first step to becoming a barrister

You've got to be in it to win it - true of the National Lottery and true of a career at the Bar. As Inner Temple's Outreach Manager Struan Campbell kindly explains, thanks to the myriad of networking, scholarship and training opportunities on offer, there's much more to gain from joining an Inn of Court than a few posh dinners.


Here are 22 commercial awareness issues you should know about in 2018

All law firms want their trainee solicitors to be commercially aware and informed. LawCareers.Net’s Josh Richman rounds up a range of the important stories in 2018.


LASPO has failed and legal aid must be overhauled, the legal profession is telling the government

With a government review into legal aid finally taking place, LCN asked two leading legal aid practitioners whether they think the situation for lawyers and clients will improve and what advice they would give to future lawyers who are passionate about this vital area of the justice system.


A law student’s guide to pro bono

Nick Johnson, former director of Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre, outlines the benefits of pro bono and explains why those on the receiving end of free legal advice are not the only ones who stand to gain.


Here are the funding options for your law degree, GDL, LPC or BPTC

The cost of studying the courses a student must complete to become a solicitor or barrister is obviously of paramount importance to the vast majority of people pursuing a career in law. Here is our guide to the loans and scholarships available for law degrees, as well as the GDL, LPC and BPTC.


Video interview coming up? This is how to prepare

Video interviews are a widespread assessment tool among hiring employers, and there are some key differences between interviewing on camera and in person. Read on for expert advice on negotiating this stage of the process from Gemma Baker, head of employability at Aspiring Solicitors and former graduate recruitment head at two top firms.


Law fairs: everything you need to know

Law fairs are an important chance to meet recruiters, trainees and partners from the law firms you could be joining in the future. Face-to-face interaction is vital when it comes to securing a vacation scheme or training contract, and often provides insights that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.


What are the part-time study options for law courses and training?

There are many reasons why full-time study followed by training might not be right for you, two of the most common being finances and caring commitments. Don’t worry though; there are part-time opportunities throughout the academic and training process.


What has happened in the legal profession in 2018 that I should know about?

“May you live in interesting times” is a blessing that Ancient Chinese people were said to reserve for those they didn’t like – “dull” periods of prosperity and stability being clearly preferable to scarcity and upheaval, even if the latter always seem to fascinate historians and filmmakers. Unfortunately, when barristers go on strike in large numbers, as they did earlier this year despite their profession’s inherently conservative character and affluent reputation, you can be sure that the times are interesting indeed.