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Making a career change into law

The legal profession is generally very welcoming of career changers and mature candidates. Many solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers value the transferable skills and experiences that career changers bring, with some explicitly encouraging career changers to apply. Read on to learn how you can make the change from your old career into law.


Law firm open days and insight evenings

Attending a law firm’s open day, workshop or presentation is a great way to meet lawyers and recruiters, and gain valuable insights that will improve your applications. Read on for tips on preparing and making a good impression on the day.


What opportunities does the legal profession offer to first-year students?

Read this essential advice for first-year students, covering everything from work placement schemes to extracurricular activities, law fairs and everything else in between. For lots more information and advice, see our first-year student hub.


How to prepare for a pupillage interview

Hurray - you’ve managed to impress with your pupillage application. But yikes - now you’re looking down the barrel of an interview. Take a few deep breaths and consider what you can do to help your chances. Here, an expert from The University of Law offers advice on how best to prepare for pupillage interviews…


How to research law firms before applying for a vacation scheme or training contract

Researching a law firm in some depth before making an application is absolutely essential – it is impossible to secure a training contract without doing so. Here is a guide to that much talked about, but rarely explained, concept and an explanation of why it's so important.


The best (and worst) law fair freebies of 2018

Which law firm’s water bottle trumps all others? Which childhood-inspired branded toy made us go “huh?” Whose notebook is always number one in our eyes? Find out in our round-up of the best law firm freebies of this law fair season.


How can law firms’ partnership structures affect my career progression?

Solicitors’ firms are traditionally run by partnerships that usually take one of two broadly different forms, although there are many subtle variations to both categories. The type of partnership at a firm is one of the important factors that determine its working culture, so it is wise to take this into consideration when making applications. Plus, demonstrating some understanding of how a firm is structured can help you impress in an interview.


Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence are changing what lawyers and trainees do

As disruptive technologies change the legal profession, from the way law firms operate to the tasks that trainee solicitors are expected to perform, we look at what it all means for junior lawyers.


This is how to become a lawyer without a law degree

Not having a law degree is no barrier to becoming a lawyer – in fact, the modern legal profession is full of non-law graduates, and the skills and experiences gained studying and working in other fields can be used to your advantage.