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These are the four areas you need to have covered to secure a training contract

To successfully start your career in law, you need to prepare well and start early. Here we outline the four essential areas that you need to think about.


Here are the ways to get the most out of a vacation scheme

These are LCN’s top 10 tips for making a great impression when on a vacation scheme and getting the most out of the experience.


A guide to secondments

Client secondments provide trainee solicitors with a valuable opportunity to spend time working closely with a client in its in-house legal team; taking on greater responsibility, developing an understanding of the client’s business and building strong client relationships that will have long-term benefits well after the trainee has qualified.


Working as an in-house lawyer

Does the idea of interesting and varied work, an excellent salary and a pleasing work/life balance appeal? Becoming an in-house lawyer could be your perfect vocation. We spoke to those in the know, including a trainee, several qualified lawyers and the head of an in-house legal department about what it means to work at the very heart of your client.


The Solicitors Qualifying Exam: Spring update

The new ‘super exam’ that all prospective solicitors will have to pass in order to qualify has been confirmed, but many questions remain unanswered. This article explains what we do and don’t know about the new system so far, as of April 2018.


Law firm open days

Attending a law firm’s open day, workshop or presentations is a great way to network with lawyers and recruiters, and gain valuable insights that will improve your applications. Read on for tips on preparing ahead of the event and making a good impression on the day.


Paralegal work: a guide for future solicitors

Paralegal work is increasingly becoming the norm for many graduates as the step before securing a training contract. It is even possible to qualify as a solicitor while working as a paralegal instead of completing a formal training contract. However, this stepping stone also has its downsides…


Choosing a practice area: a guide to qualifying as a solicitor

There are many different kinds of career in the solicitors’ profession. Upon qualifying, solicitors tend to specialise in one area of law or ‘practice area’, which could be anything from intellectual property, to Islamic finance to family law. This article explores the process of choosing a practice area to specialise in and offers some advice on the various criteria to consider.


Law’s gender problem: levelling the playing field for women

Deep-rooted male dominance and power across the legal profession holds women back, but is change for the better on the horizon? This article discusses the evidence and looks at how male dominance of senior positions and promotion pathways is related to the cultural problems that have enabled those who behave inappropriately, or worse, to operate for so long. More importantly, we explore the practical steps that could help to create an equal and safe profession where success is based solely on merit, not gender.