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Training contract assessment centres: everything you need to know

Many law firms use assessment centres as part of the selection process for vacation scheme and training contract candidates. So how do you prepare for an assessment centre, what can you expect on the day and what are firms looking for? Read on for our expert advice.


How to demonstrate the key skills every recruiter wants to see in law applications

There are a handful of core competencies that all solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers want to see in their recruits. In this Feature we explain how to self-assess your own skillset and improve the areas that need work, and how to demonstrate these key skills on application forms.


How to write a cover letter, CV or application form

According to recruiters, too many applications are let down by sloppy writing skills.


A guide to online application forms

Should I use my Gmail or an academic email address when giving contact details? How strictly are deadlines enforced? Are there any ways of saving myself some time? AllHires' Amy Elderfield has the answers.


A training contract application master class

Welcome to LawCareers.Net’s four-step training contract application guide.


How to do effective online research for applications

LCN’s Matthew Broadbent gives his advice on researching firms, chambers and other organisations before you make an application.


Training contract applications: a guide to each stage

Summer is the time when most firms invite training contract applications. Here is LawCareers.Net’s guide to the process, from preparing your applications to the final interview.


The four essential areas you need to cover to secure a training contract

To successfully start your career in law, you need to prepare well and start early. Here we outline the four essential areas that you need to think about.


A complete guide to the LPC

The LPC is the vocational stage of training to be a solicitor and is the next step for aspiring solicitors after the completion of a law degree or GDL. It focuses on providing you with the essential skills required to successfully practice as a lawyer.


How to make your vacation scheme a success

Here are LCN’s top 10 tips for making a great impression when on a vacation scheme and getting the most out of the experience.