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Pro bono and law students: what's in it for me?

Director of Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre, Nick Johnson outlines the benefits of pro bono and explains why those on the receiving end of free legal advice are not the only ones who stand to gain.


This is the shocking situation faced by lawyers doing publicly funded work in 2018

With a government review into legal aid finally taking place, LCN asked two leading legal aid practitioners whether they think the situation for lawyers and clients will improve and what advice they would give to future lawyers who are passionate about this vital area of the justice system.


How to demonstrate the key skills every recruiter wants to see in training contract applications

There are a handful of core competencies that all solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers want to see in their recruits. We explain how to self-assess your own skillset and improve the areas that need work.


How is your formal writing style? This is what you need to know about cover letters and applications

The tone you write in is vital and according to recruiters, too many applications are let down by sloppy writing skills.


Training contract assessment centres: everything you need to know

Many law firms use assessment centres as part of the selection process for vacation scheme and training contract candidates. So how do you prepare for an assessment centre, what can you expect on the day and what are firms looking for? Read on for our expert advice.


A guide to online application forms

Should I use my Gmail or an academic email address when giving contact details? How strictly are deadlines enforced? Are there any ways of saving myself some time? AllHires' Amy Elderfield has the answers.


Here is our training contract application master class

Come training contract application season, do you want to be drowning in a sea of ill-judged, clumsily worded applications? Or would you rather be creating and submitting carefully planned and credible training contract applications? Read on for detailed advice on how to approach the process and edge ever closer to success.


What do AI and disruptive technologies mean for trainee solicitors?

As disruptive technologies change the legal profession, from the way law firms operate to the tasks that trainee solicitors are expected to perform, we look at what it all means for junior lawyers. 


Video interview coming up this summer? This is how to prepare

Video interviews are a widespread assessment tool among hiring employers, and there are some key differences between interviewing on camera and in person. Read on for expert advice on negotiating this stage of the process from Gemma Baker, head of employability at Aspiring Solicitors and former graduate recruitment head at two top firms.


Your guide to the training contract application process, from preparation to interview

Finding a training contract is a tough process. Read on for application and interview tips.