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Does where I study the LPC matter to law firms?

updated on 27 October 2020

Dear Oracle

I am choosing where to study my Legal Practice Course (LPC). With some firms exclusively partnering with certain law schools, does this mean that where I study will affect where I can apply for a training contract?

The Oracle replies

Some law firms have partnerships with specific law schools where they prefer future trainees to study, but this is only compulsory for candidates who have already accepted a training contract with that firm. If you are starting the LPC and don’t have a training contract yet, where you choose to study should not make a big difference to the firms you apply to - your own academic performance, the contents of your CV and the quality of your application will matter much more.   

However, LawCareers.Net recommends that students try to secure a training contract before taking the LPC if possible. For more on making this difficult decision, see Should I start the LPC if I don’t have a training contract?

Where you study the LPC is your choice; firms should not penalise you because the institution at which you studied. If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to apply to a firm because it has an LPC partnership with a particular law school, contact the firm's recruitment or HR team to check if they accept applications from current LPC students and LPC graduates. 

Concentrate on finding the right law school for you. As well as fees and location, consider the law school’s reputation (what information does it provide on how many students go on to find legal roles?), method of teaching, the amount of contact time, location, course cost and the electives on offer.

Consider choosing broad electives in stage two of the LPC for the best chance of securing a training contract. For example, choosing electives in advanced crime and child protection and then applying to a corporate City firm will make recruiters wonder if your interest is genuine. It is also important to choose electives that you enjoy and will do well in!

And for information on the financial side, see Law course fees: a guide for students.