myBarrister pursues expansion through crowdfunding

updated on 24 March 2014, the online service by which potential clients can contact barristers directly, is seeking new investment via crowdfunding.

Barristers are now permitted to accept instructions directly from individuals and businesses, rather than solely through a solicitor, and myBarrister has sought to provide a platform to facilitate this. Launched in June 2013, the site has signed up over 100 barristers, some of whom are QCs.

Money received through myBarrister's crowdfunding initiative will be used to expand its recruitment team, sign up more barristers and widen the site’s marketing.

Ronald DeKoven, myBarrister's chief executive, said: "myBarrister gives barristers a cost-effective route to market and offers businesses and individuals access to some of the best legal minds in the country. Our online marketing campaign is driving clients to our state-of-the-art website, where they can search for and get in direct contact with exactly the barrister they need. With additional funding, we can significantly accelerate our progress while providing the market with a safe, alternative form of investment."