The College of Legal Practice partners with Keele University to offer SQE prep

updated on 19 February 2024

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The College of Legal Practice (the College) has announced a new partnership with Keele University to offer Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) preparation as part of Keele’s LLM in legal practice course.

While the university’s current master’s programme provides progressive career-focused training to support graduates on their journey to becoming solicitors, the new partnership will involve the College offering its high-quality accredited virtual teaching in two modules to prepare students for SQE1 and SQE2.

The College has been helping to prepare students for the SQE assessments since the new pathway to qualification was introduced and now specialises in the delivery of SQE prep. It believes the “package of practice-based modules combined with SQE preparation will no doubt set Keele students apart from their peers”.

Keele’s innovative LLM, which is made up of several taught modules and a research project, has been designed to equip students with the attributes required to address complex legal issues while demonstrating originality in tackling and solving them. Students can develop their understanding of key areas of practice, including international commercial litigation and arbitration. The combination of Keele’s “academic excellence” and “the internationally recognised practical expertise” offered by the College means “students who want to prepare for the SQE in an academic environment now have the option of coming to Keele” and existing students now have a clear route to complete their academic legal journey at the university.

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Students on the course will also have the chance to sit the SQE assessments during their degree. If successful, they’ll put themselves in a strong position to apply for qualifying work experience at law firms.

Bleddyn Davies, head of the school of law at Keele, described the new partnership as “an excellent addition” to the university’s suite of programmes, offering students “the best of both worlds”. Davies added: “We’re excited to see this market-leading offer go from strength to strength.”