New LCN Podcast episode on building a long and sustainable career in law

updated on 04 October 2022

Reading time: one minute

In the latest LCN Podcast episode, LawCareers.Net’s Bethany Wren (she/her) spoke to ex-lawyer and career coach Helen Pamely about building a long and sustainable career in law.

In the episode, Helen discussed avoiding burnout, dealing with imposter syndrome, preparing yourself to enter the legal world and lots more. Helen and Bethany also talked about the toxic productivity now seen across social media, highlighting how important a focus on mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession is.

Discussing her own experience as a lawyer in the City, Helen said: “Being a lawyer is high intensity and long hours, it’s mentally a real challenge. I think of being a lawyer as being akin to a top athlete. We’re trained meticulously to be the best at what we do.”

Helen also provides some advice on the importance of looking after your mental health while working in the legal industry: “We have to realise that it’s not just about pushing ourselves as hard as we can, it’s about learning to work in a more intelligent way.”

For both practising and aspiring lawyers alike, this is an essential listen.

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