Major law firm appoints one of the youngest managing partners in the country

updated on 06 January 2017

A personal injury solicitor has become one of the youngest people in the country to run a major law firm.

Vidisha Joshi, 38, is set to take the helm at prestigious London-based firm Hodge Jones & Allen (HJA), which is famous for its track record of taking on ‘David v Goliath’ cases against governments and big business. As reported by the Times and the Evening Standard, Joshi, the daughter of Kenyan immigrants, was the unanimous choice of HJA’s nine shareholding partners – she succeeds founding partner Patrick Allen, who has previously given his in-depth views on legal aid provision to LCN.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Joshi said: “I just feel this incredible sense of pride to be able to say I lead this absolutely brilliant team. That is the best feeling in the world. I don’t look at myself and think, ‘Isn’t that just extraordinary’, but people have said to me that it is amazing. I have been offered wonderful opportunities but I have also made the most of them. I have worked incredibly hard but the real hard work starts now. We recognise talent wherever it comes from. You can have the whole Oxbridge background, but equally you don’t have to. Talent isn’t limited to that group of people. I’m lucky that Patrick has seen something in me and has given me the support.”