LawCareers.Net turns 25!

updated on 20 September 2021

A quarter of a century ago, LawCareers.Net (LCN) was born.

LCN is a comprehensive, one-stop online resource created for future lawyers and those who recruit them. The site holds a growing directory of around 1,000 firms, 200 chambers and 100 course providers.

The site contains several elements:

  • extensive editorial content on becoming and working as a lawyer;
  • comprehensive directories of employers and legal educators;
  • continually updated news and features; and
  • practical tools designed to help users manage their research and maximise their chances of breaking into the profession.

It’s no wonder the site is the market-leading product in a highly competitive environment.

LCN’s Managing Director Sinead Dineen celebrates in a LinkedIn status: “I can’t believe that LawCareers.Net turns 25 this month - especially as I have worked here for 21 of those years! I’ve seen the website go from a very basic blue and yellow design, through a crazy rainbow of pastel colours, to the modern, sleek design we have now. Sending LCN birthday wishes to everyone who I’ve worked with over the years - colleagues, clients and students.”

LCN’s key features include: 

  • LCN Weekly – this is an email newsletter containing news, features, employer profiles and career advice to help you in the quest to become a lawyer.
  • News – key stories from the legal press including commercial awareness round-ups.
  • Features – designed to improve your knowledge of the recruitment process and the legal profession.
  • Commercial Question – weekly articles written by leading firms designed to get you thinking about the commercial issues that the modern lawyer must contend with.
  • Meet the Recruiter – get a sense of the graduate team who will be going through your applications with a fine-tooth comb.
  • Meet the Lawyer – profiles of more than 40 current and former trainees at different firms to give you a taste of how things could be if you were in their position.
  • The Oracle – In a ‘problem page’ format, The Oracle will help you to solve all those tricky problems relating to the recruitment and training process.
  • Blogs – each academic year, we recruit several bloggers to report on the nature of life on the legal career frontline.
  • LCN Says – regular blog updates and analysis from members of the LCN team and external contributors on the issues facing aspiring legal eagles and the wider profession.
  • Deadline calendar – we offer an extensive list of application deadlines for training contracts and work placement schemes. These are vital tools in helping to avoid the last-minute application submission scramble.
  • MyLCN – you will never miss a deadline again – this system (aka your local companion!) organises and can fast track your applications. It even lets you save private notes.
  • Webinars - every year we host a round of webinars each year with your favourite firms to provide insights into practice areas and different areas of the law.
    Join LCN on Tuesday 21 September at 1:00pm to hear directly from graduate recruiters and lawyers as they share practical advice for getting work experience, including what to do in the first year of university, how to research and apply to top firms.

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