Law Training Centre introduces Open to All Scholarship to democratise legal education

updated on 21 July 2023

Reading time: two minutes

In an exciting move to promote equal access to legal education, the Law Training Centre has announced the launch of its Open to All Scholarship programme.

The Law Training Centre was founded in 2016, driven by a desire to facilitate access to alternative paths into the legal profession for people from all walks of life.

Starting from 1 August 2023, this new initiative aims to make a career in law realistic for all individuals, regardless of their financial circumstances. The scholarship will run alongside existing offerings, including the Access to Law SQE scholarship.

The scholarship will be available for learners pursuing qualifications with Law Training Centre, including CILEX, CLC, NALP qualifications, and the Notarial Academic Training Course. The scholarship is also open to international students, further diversifying the student body.

Unlike traditional scholarships, which often have rigid application deadlines, students can apply for the Open to All Scholarship throughout the year, emphasising flexibility as a core value of the programme.

Scholarship recipients will be granted financial support of up to £1,558, differing based on the course selected. In addition, they’ll gain full access to the Law Training Centre's comprehensive range of support services, including personalised one-to-one tutoring, academic coaching, the unique Passplus Guarantee and access to an interactive online forum to connect with fellow pupils.

There are no restrictions placed on those who can apply for the scholarship, except for those who’ve already received other scholarships from Law Training Centre. The Access to Law scholarship has been awarded to 97 candidates, amounting to nearly £100,000 in total value and all applicants have been successfully supported thus far.

Eve Dullabh, co-founder and director of education at the Law Training Centre, expressed excitement about the scholarship, stating: “We’ve personally experienced how invasive a lot of scholarship and bursary applications are, which can be discouraging, so we wanted to take a completely different approach. Given the cost-of-living crisis and the urgent need to address diversity in the legal sector, we’re really pleased to be able to help by offering this scholarship to help learners build a career in law.”

This move towards democratising legal education is poised to create a more inclusive and equitable legal profession, paving the way for a brighter future for aspiring lawyers.