Law Society has a new president

updated on 12 July 2013

Nicholas Fluck has replaced Lucy Scott-Moncrieff as the Law Society's president. Fluck is one of two partners at Stapleton & Son, a high-street firm in Stamford, Lincolnshire. His expertise is in communications and data technology, and he previously chaired the Law Society's Technology and Law Reference Group.

Inaugurated at the society's AGM, held yesterday, Fluck spoke of the continued need to engage with the government over legal aid: "Under my leadership, the Law Society will remain committed to preserving access to justice in the face of the government’s proposed changes to legal aid. I will make no apologies for being clear to the government, the public and other professionals the value that solicitors add to society and to all of our lives."

He also touched on the make-up of the profession: "I will publicise the diversity of solicitors and emphasise the integrity and values they uphold."