InterLaw Diversity Forum launches diversity career progression survey

updated on 08 September 2023

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Legal sector charity InterLaw Diversity Forum is inviting everyone who works within the legal sector to contribute to its 2023 Career Progression Report with the launch of its new survey designed to uncover workplace culture in the profession. 

InterLaw is seeking to collect and analyse a range of data on: 

  • demographics; 

  • representation; and 

  • workplace experiences. 

This data is collected to allow companies to identify disparities and biases that may otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked. In bringing such data to light, InterLaw aims to encourage law firms and businesses to create targeted strategies and policies that’ll: 

  • address inequalities; 

  • promote inclusivity; and 

  • foster an increasingly diverse workforce. 

Founder of InterLaw Diversity Forum, Daniel Winterfeldt, took to LinkedIn to encourage all members of the UK legal sector (lawyer or business service) to fill out the survey and tag a friend or colleague on his post to do the same. He announced that for every completed survey and LinkedIn tag “the InterLaw Diversity Forum will donate £5 to the vital work of the AKT supporting homeless and at-risk LGBT+ youth”. 

InterLaw was initially founded in 2008 by Daniel Winterfeldt as a forum for LGBTQ+ professionals in the legal sector. Since its founding the charity has grown to encompass all strands of diversity and inclusion and now stands at 9,000 members from over 300 law firms and 500 corporate and financial institutions.