DWF publishes its gender pay gap report

updated on 19 May 2020

Global law firm DWF has published its annual UK gender pay gap report, including information on the impact of the firm’s initial public offering on its gender pay and bonus gaps.

The firm’s combined gender pay gap has fallen from 48% (2018) to 39% (2019) in mean terms – this includes data for all UK employees and partners. However, as a median the figure has increased from 32% to 33%. In mean terms, the bonus gap for employees has fallen from 45% to 37%, while the mean pay gap has fallen from 23% to 22%. For partners the gender pay gap has fallen from 16% to 15%, with the partner bonus gap falling significantly from 50% to 12%, both in mean terms.

For more information, you can view DWF’s gender pay gap report here.

DWF’s HR Director Helen Hill said: "The slight increase in our median pay gap is a powerful reminder that the pay gap is largely the result of having more men at senior levels in higher-paid roles and a higher proportion of women relative to men in roles which fall within our lower pay quartiles. Overall, the composition of our workforce is changing, but as with most large businesses, there are fewer leadership roles and often slower turnover at senior levels. This will undoubtedly impact the speed with which our gender pay and bonus gaps reduce over time.

 "Over the past few years, we have taken steps to improve our gender diversity and continue to monitor data to address the causes of our gender imbalance. Whilst we are already meeting the voluntary target of having at least 33% of women on our plc Board as set out in the Hampton-Alexander Review in respect of gender balance, our sustained focus is on increasing female representation on our Executive Board to at least 33% by 2022, an increase from 27%.

 "We recognise that reducing our gender pay gap is an action that requires a maintained effort at every level of our business and at every point in the employee life cycle, from attraction and recruitment through to development, succession planning and promotion. Our focus on meaningful actions will result in a more diverse workforce supported and empowered through our inclusive culture and values.”