DWF on course for stock market flotation

updated on 03 December 2018

Global firm DWF could soon become the largest UK-based law firm to float on the stock market, its chairman has said.

Sir Nigel Knowles told attendees at the Legal Futures Innovation Conference last week that DWF’s listing on the stock market is “probable”, except in the event of unexpected economic upheaval, such as a change of government or a no-deal Brexit.

The firm has been considering a £600 million initial public offering since June. If it goes ahead, the flotation will make DWF by far the biggest publicly listed law firm. “Let’s say… subject to society making the right sort of decisions between now and then, it looks likely,” Knowles said on Thursday. 

Listing on the stock market is becoming an attractive alternative to the partnership model for large law firms, as the latter type of structure is increasingly seen as unwieldy.

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