College of Legal Practice reveals conversion course for non-law graduates embarking on SQE

updated on 18 November 2021

The College of Legal Practice has announced an “innovative” conversion course – a Graduate Foundation in Law (GFL) programme – designed for non-law graduates who are taking the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) route to qualification.

The GFL, which will be available both full time and part time and will cost £3,250, aims to save students “time and money”. The 20-week full-time (or 40-week part time) programme will provide non-law graduates with the foundation in legal knowledge and skills that are required to begin SQE1 preparation.

Using the college’s one-to-one supervision learning design, students will develop essential legal and workplace skills. This format involves working with experienced practitioners and tutors, and is supported by virtual subject surgeries, town halls, cases studies and learning activities.

The College of Legal Practice’s CEO Giles Proctor said: “We strongly believe that students who have not studied law cannot take a SQE1 preparation course straight away. The SQE1 syllabus covers 13 areas of legal knowledge and requires a solid foundation in understanding legal concepts and principles.  This solid foundation in concepts, principles and critical thinking cannot be developed just by a standalone 10-20-week SQE1 preparation course, if non-law students are engaging with the law of England & Wales for the first time.

"Equally we also believe that the conversion course doesn’t need to take a full year, like the current Graduate Diploma in Law. We have designed an innovative 20-week full-time programme to incorporate all the learning required, saving students time and money.

"Our mission is to improve access to the profession and enable all legal professionals to fulfil their individual career aspirations. This GFL programme sits within our Developing Legal Professionals programme, that helps aspiring solicitors achieve their career goals, regardless of their background.”

For more information on the SQE, visit LCN’s SQE hub. If you’re a non-law student and want some non-law-specific advice, visit LCN’s non-law hub.