CILEX Law School to deliver the new CILEX Professional Qualification

updated on 16 June 2021

CILEX Law School has been approved to deliver the new CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) – a training route that is open to those without a university qualification and has been redesigned to ensure it produces lawyers that have the skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the legal market.  

Subject to final regulatory approval, CILEX Law School is due to start delivering the CPQ from 1 July 2021, with enrolments set to open in late June 2021. Other training providers will be approved by CILEX to deliver the course.

With three stages – foundation, advanced and professional – the training can be aligned to those at different levels, including paralegal, advanced paralegal and individuals who want to become CILEX lawyers in their chosen specialist area of law and with full practice rights. The CPQ is therefore the route to becoming a CILEX paralegal, CILEX advanced paralegal or CILEX lawyer.

Although the course fees for taking the CPQ are set to vary at each stage, it will cost £9,000 to complete all three stages.

Students taking CILEX’s CPQ courses will receive a structured programme of study, with the option to learn at their own pace. Workplace competence will make up a significant part of the three courses, as well as a programme of skills clinics and masterclasses which will include hot topics in the law, legal tech and professional development. Learning and development advisers will be on hand to support students as they progress, and networking opportunities will also be made available.

Kim Morrison, CILEX Law School’s academic director said: “As CILEX’s largest training provider we are excited to deliver CPQ, a qualification which is accessible, affordable and flexible, encompassing both legal knowledge and the skills, behaviours and commercial awareness needed by paralegals and modern lawyers. We are proud to offer students a route into the profession without barriers and actively support individuals from all backgrounds to become outstanding legal professionals.

“Our experience in delivering distance learning, combined with our understanding of how to develop workplace competence means that we are well placed to support students as they embark on the new qualification. Our specialist teaching team will be here to help students gain the confidence and skills they need to thrive in the legal profession.”