Bradford law courts to be heated with renewable energy

updated on 10 April 2024

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Bradford law courts to be one of the first in England to be heated with renewable energy. The courts will be connected to the city’s new eco network, after signing a 20-year deal with Bradford Energy Network. The Combined Court Centre and the Magistrates’ Court are set to save 8,000 tonnes of carbon as a result of the new heat network, which is on track to open in 2026.

The heat network operates by creating warm water with an air pump, which runs through five miles of underground pipes to customers, including 30 major businesses. 1Energy, the company behind the network, explained that this method is one of the most cost-effective ways to decarbonise heating buildings.

Bradford Council granted Bradford Energy Network permission to begin the £70 million heat network last September. A portion of the costs is covered by a £3.5 million grant from the Public Sector Decarbonisation scheme.

Project director, Marissa Granath, said: "The Bradford Energy Network is a nationally significant project which will help to build the future of Bradford's net zero infrastructure underneath the streets of the city centre."

"Signing a 20-year deal to deliver low-carbon heating to two of Bradford's largest buildings shows the faith and confidence HM Courts and Tribunals have in the Bradford Energy Network.”

The two courts will be the eighth and ninth courts to connect to a heat network.