BPP offers additional resits for Bar training students

updated on 11 March 2024

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Following a successful pilot, Bar training resits will be offered by BPP University Law School from spring 2024.

The university has said the resits are available to all Bar training students who’d commenced the vocational component, even if they’d reached the maximum number of permitted re-sits for the academic award (such as a Postgraduate Diploma or LLM) at their original training provider.

BPP first announced the initiative in August 2023. The training provider stated that it was finding ways for Bar training students who’d completed the vocational portion to take further resits necessary to be called to the Bar.

The university ran a successful pilot for its own students in December 2023. BPP students who’d already reached the maximum number of resits under their academic award were invited to apply and 19 took part in the Bar Training Resit Programme.

The opportunity has now been opened to all students from any provider, however this arrangement is on a non-award basis. This means that although students can be called to the Bar upon successfully completing their resits, they won’t receive any academic award from BPP or their original training provider.

Applications for the resits opened on 1 February and will close on 15 March, the resit exams will take place between 16 March and 17 May. Three resit opportunities will be available each year in spring, summer and winter, with the summer application window taking place between 15 July to 8 September.