BARBRI launches new six-week course to make SQE more accessible

updated on 06 September 2023

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Legal education provider BARBRI has announced the launch of a new six-week course that’s been designed to improve access to the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) for “those from all backgrounds”.  

Foundations in Law, which is aimed at non-law graduates and oversees lawyers, provides an introduction to the legal system and law in England and Wales. The six-week course will cover a range of content, focusing on areas like industry terminology and legal methodology, to build the confidence of those due to sit the SQE assessments. 

As with other SQE preparation courses, BARBRI’s Foundations in Law isn’t a compulsory element of the SQE. BARBRI has also confirmed that it’s not like the law conversion course

One of the main aims of BARBRI’s new course is to facilitate improved diversity across the legal sector. Jody Tranter, senior director of learning for BARBRI, explains that “the SQE is still a fairly new concept and a new way of testing” and so BARBRI hopes its Foundations in Law will help to build confidence for “those who come from a non-law background”.   

As “keen advocates for improved diversity across the legal profession”, Tranter says that BARBRI believes the SQE is an “opportunity to bring different skills and perspectives to the industry” and that Foundations in Law is a way to help “make this route to qualification as accessible as possible to those from all backgrounds”. 

The course can be purchased for £499 individually or as part of a package with BARBRI’s SQE1 Prep course. A range of materials are included, such as: 

  • a study guide; 
  • lectures; 
  • interactive exercises; 
  • workshops; and 
  • practice questions. 

The course also provides access to Westlaw, careers and employability services, TOGETHERALL and industry insights events. Additionally, candidates who complete the course will receive a Credly Badge.  

So far, Foundations in Law has been trialled alongside law firms to ensure it meets industry needs. Bethany Brabner, a candidate who received early access, reviewed the course highly. She says: “I was relieved to be signed up for the Foundations in Law course because before this, I had limited knowledge of the intricacies of the legal system in England and Wales, and with the SQE being a new concept, it was hard to find any information about what was included in the SQE assessments, apart from that provided by the exam board.” 

After completing the Foundations in Law course, Brabner started BARBRI’s SQE1 Prep course before sitting and passing the SQE1 and SQE2 assessments.  

You can find out more about the SQE via LawCareers.Net’s SQE hub, sponsored by The University of Law