BARBRI Global partners with O Shaped Lawyer to develop course content beyond SQE

updated on 26 April 2022

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BARBRI Global and the O Shaped Lawyer have joined forces to ensure that BARBRI’s content goes further than just preparing candidates for the two-part Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) to incorporate essential human and business skills.

The partnership aims to provide the “client voice” to BARBRI’s Prep for Practice programme and ensure that the O-shaped attributes that make up a successful lawyer are incorporated into the programme, alongside the practice-specific content.

On the Prep for Practice programme, trainees and junior lawyers will be exposed to the commercial, human and business skills required to be a successful modern-day lawyer. The training will go beyond graduate level and provide them with the tools required to tackle the challenges that come with working in the legal profession and ensure they are able to offer value to their practice, clients and colleagues.

Victoria Cromwell, Senior director of business development at BARBRI Global, said: “The new route to qualification through the SQE and the deregulation of skills training provides a huge opportunity for legal services providers to tailor their training to fit the specific needs of their business and clients. The incorporation of the ‘client voice’ and The O Shaped Attributes into such training is vital for the future development of training for the next generation of lawyers.”

The Prep for Practice programme has been designed to nurture the next generation of innovative, collaborative, adaptable and diverse lawyers.

Dan Kayne, founded of the O Shaped Lawyer, which was established in 2019 with a focus on driving positive change in the legal industry, commented on the partnership: “As a global leader in legal education, I have been very impressed with BARBRI’s progressive approach and am excited about what this collaboration will achieve in the coming months and years. We share the same ambition of providing aspiring lawyers with a modern, well-rounded education that will set them up well for their careers in the profession.”

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