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Psychometric - qu'est que c'est?

updated on 19 July 2013

Psychometric testing may sound like a term that belongs to Orwell's 1984, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner or a cold war Soviet bunker for interrogating spies in Siberia, but it is in fact not that scary. Many law firms use psychometric tests as part of their evaluation of training contract candidates, to get an idea of how they approach problems, working with others and so on. Thankfully, the questions used by most firms bear no resemblance to the farcical tests of some other employers.

To help you be better informed about psychometric tests, LC.N spoke to Amelia Spinks, graduate recruitment manager at Field Fisher Waterhouse, in the latest instalment of our 'Spotlight On' video series. In the interview we discuss why firms use psychometric tests, the types of question used and the soft skills that are being assessed to help you be prepared and at ease ahead of this stage of a training contract application.