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Bigmouth strikes again: networking advice with Matthew Broadbent

updated on 22 May 2013

In the second instalment of our 'spotlight on' video series, we asked LC.N publisher and gifted gab owner Matthew Broadbent to share his tips on the crucial lawyerly skill of networking. The ability to network is so important for students and job seekers, who must establish good relationships with potential employers and colleagues during the search for a training contract or pupillage. Networking is also a valuable skill for practicing solicitors and barristers who must continuously work to maintain and build upon their client bases.

Getting to grips with this subtle, easy-to-get-wrong skill can be daunting, but the right attitude and approach can dispel your nerves and turn you from a clumsy caterpillar into a social butterfly. Watch below for Matthew's advice on how to segue seamlessly into the tightest-knit groups, effortlessly facilitate introductions and create the best impression possible in your conversations with recruiters and lawyers.