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LawCareers.Net workshop: try out SQE1 multiple-choice questions with BARBRI

Join LawCareers.Net and BARBRI for an online interactive multiple-choice workshop session and learn the how you’ll be tested on the SQE assessment. 

Have you considered the SQE route to qualification, but want to know how the multiple-choice exams work? You’re not alone; that’s why BARBRI is here to help candidates through this critical point in their lives and legal careers. Join us for this interactive SQE1 prep workshop session and get insight into the exam and how to prepare yourself for the next step in your journey to qualification. 

In this session, BARBRI will cover:

  • key features of the SQE1;
  • the format of the exam and its timings; and
  • multiple-choice question examples and patterns.

You’ll get a chance to practice some questions yourself to get a feel for the exam and what to expect, as well as ask any questions to the BARBRI learning team.

Register for this FREE event here.