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Reflecting on my expectations of third year

Reflecting on my expectations of third year

Matthew Biggerstaff


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In September, I wrote a blog detailing my expectations for the third year of my undergraduate law degree.  As I’m returning to university tomorrow, I thought it’d be beneficial to see how my expectations lived up to reality and outline my updated expectations for the second half of the year. 

I expected to build on my learning from the first two years at university, meaning that third-year content would be easier to digest. However, I was also aware that I’d probably be under more pressure than in previous years. This, I think, has been a fairly correct assumption to make.

The modules I’ve completed so far have certainly spent less time introducing basic content. This allows you to move straight into the content and essentially start working on your final assignment from day one, which I find really beneficial. 

Although the pressure has certainly increased, it’s not been to a mentally exhaustive level. In my mind, university is still more laid back than school or college. At school, I found your teachers would constantly put a lot of pressure on you. At university, most lecturers remain very calm when teaching and most of the pressure I feel comes from my own expectations.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the constant consideration of ‘what’s next?’. Although that may sound stupid, it had mostly been something that I’d been pushing to the back of my mind. Well, unfortunately, the time is nigh, and I have to make some important life choices. 

I’ve made the decision to complete a masters/Solicitors Qualifying Exam prep course next year. I’m really enjoying university education and I’m pleased to be able to continue it, albeit in a different capacity, next year.  

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The first half of this year has taught me that I’ve got an interest in commercial law. Next semester I’ll be completing medical law and employment law, as well as my university’s law clinic module. I’m going to try and use these modules to see if there’s anything that interests me more than commercial law currently does.

I’m expecting much of the same as the year continues, with likely a bit more stress and revision. They don’t let you wear the fancy robes for nothing!