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updated on 19 December 2023

Do you want to communicate with future lawyers?

LawCareers.Net offers organisations recruiting or needing to get in touch with aspiring lawyers an unparalleled opportunity to build their brand, convey their message and speak to this targeted group.

With more than 80,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 99,000 followers across our social, video and podcast platforms, LawCareers.Net is acknowledged as the most used and influential media in its market. Our training contract and pupillage directories are the first choice for the vast majority of law firms and chambers promoting the opportunities to join them. The website’s courses directory plays a key part in the marketing efforts of legal educators.

We also offer banner and other display advertising on the site, opportunities to sponsor specific areas, including our hubs, and a variety of packages to communicate with our huge and diverse array of social media followers.

You can also use our Jobs page to advertise a role that you want to fill with the best legally educated candidates.

All advertising enquiries should be addressed to Matthew Broadbent at [email protected] or 020 7939 4002.