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Pump Court Chambers

  • 2 Pupillages
  • 92 Tenants
  • 5 Tenancies in last 3 years

About Pump Court Chambers

Large common law chambers based in London and on the Western Circuit, specialising in civil, criminal, family and international work.

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Mr Oba Nsugbe QC

Pump Court Tax Chambers is the largest set specialising in tax law (28 members, nine silks).

Members of Chambers undertake litigation and advisory work in all areas of tax law, both personal and corporate. Members appear in courts at all levels from the tax tribunals to the House of Lords and the European Court of Justice.

Anyone interested in practising in an area of law requiring an analytical mind and a grasp of other areas of law, especially trusts and contract. Tax planning provides a unique opportunity to use legal skills in a creative manner while tax litigation often involves novel points of law.

Chambers offers 12 month pupillages but will also consider applications for first or second sixes. Pupils generally spend their first ten weeks with one pupil supervisor followed by four to six weeks with three other supervisors. They also spend time with silks and senior juniors. This allows them to see a wide variety of work and also gives members at different levels of seniority the opportunity to give them feedback.

Chambers keeps its membership of OLPAS under review and has chosen not to participate in OLPAS for pupillages starting in October 2011. Applications should be made by CV and covering letter, marked for the attention of the Pupillage Secretary, and be either posted or emailed to by 29 January 2010. Further details are available on our website.

We welcome applications for both assessed and unassessed mini-pupillages. Unassesed mini-pupillages of two to three days' duration are available throughout the year. Assessed mini-pupillages last for five days and are available during certain weeks in the summer, advertised on our website. For both types of mini-pupillage, please apply by CV and covering letter, marked for the attention of the Pupillage Secretary, by post or email.

Pupils are awarded up to £20,000 for each six months, £8,000 of which can be drawn down during Bar school.

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3 Pump Court, Temple, London, EC4Y 7AJ
Phone: 020 7353 0711
Mini-pupillages: Yes
Minimum qualification: 2.1 degree