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Keating Chambers

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  • 64 Tenants
  • 4 Tenancies in last 3 years

About Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is an award-winning, commercial set specialising in complex domestic and international construction, engineering, energy, international arbitration, procurement, technology and related professional negligence disputes.

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Mr Marcus Taverner QC

Keating Chambers is a leading commercial set. It is one of the two top construction chambers in the UK and worldwide. In their first years of practice, tenants can expect earnings equivalent to those in other top sets of commercial chambers.

We specialise in construction, technology and related professional negligence disputes. These disputes often relate to high-value and high-profile projects in the UK and overseas and typically involve complex issues in the law of contract, tort and restitution. Some of our members are also involved in EU law. All members of Chambers are frequently involved in reported cases.

Chambers' area of practice is dynamic and challenging. The relevant principles of law are constantly developing and the technical complexity of disputes requires thorough analytical skills. It must be emphasised that no specialist or technical knowledge of construction or engineering is required or assumed. However, a sound understanding of the principles of contract and tort law is essential.

Our members are involved in disputes of all shapes and sizes: from residential building works to multi-million pound projects for the construction of airports, dams, power stations, ships, oil rigs and bridges. Members of Chambers have been instructed on projects such as the Olympic venues, Wembley Stadium, the "Pinnacle", the "Shard", the "Gherkin", the Millennium Bridge, the London Eye and the Channel Tunnel. Much of Chambers’ work now also includes rapidly developing areas such as information technology, telecommunications and energy (including oil & gas and nuclear).

Members of Chambers act as advocates in litigation (principally in the technology and construction court and the commercial court) and arbitration throughout the UK.

A number of our members specialise in international arbitration. This involves projects and hearings elsewhere in Europe but particularly in the Middle and Far East, Africa and the Caribbean. Two members of Chambers are based permanently in Hong Kong. There are many opportunities to work abroad. Members of Chambers have been instructed on projects such the Dubai metro, airports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and the Philippines, the Tsing Ma suspension bridge in Hong Kong, the Shinkansen high speed train network and cases involving mines, ships, rigs, oil wells and various types of plant (biofuel, gas turbine, nuclear etc) across all four continents.

New and alternative methods of dispute resolution are often used and several of our members are frequently appointed as mediators, arbitrators, and adjudicators.

Members of Keating Chambers also have plenty of opportunities to engage in the academic aspects of our work and regularly publish books, articles and journals. Keating on Construction Contracts, the leading textbook in the field, is written and researched by current members of Chambers. We also contribute to Halsbury’s Laws of England and Chitty on Contracts. Members of Chambers also give regular lectures and seminars.

Chambers' selection criteria:

Intellectual ability: A very good academic record. The ability rapidly to master and retain complex and extensive information. Identify and memorise essentials. Produce pragmatic and practical solutions and to respond quickly to intellectual challenge.

Motivation: A high level of drive and determination. A desire to practise commercial law.

Relationships: The ability to have sustained collaborative relationships with a wide range of colleagues, members of professional teams and clients.

Temperament: The ability to sustain attention while working with complex material for long hours against deadlines; to remain calm and to retain priorities whilst meeting unexpected challenges; to be confident and objective in challenging circumstances.

Impact: Articulate, confident, perceptive and sensitive to situations.

Pupils are normally allocated four supervisors to ensure that each pupil sees a variety of work in Chambers. We also have an active pupillage education programme. We recruit tenants in the first instance from those who have completed pupillage with us.

Chambers invites applications for pupillage starting in early September 2015 through Pupillage Gateway in 2014.

Details of mini-pupillages can be found on our website.

Up to three 12-month pupillages available with an award of up to £55,000. Those who are offered pupillage will be entitled to an advance of £17,500 towards the BPTC year.

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15 Essex Street, London, WC2R 3AA
Phone: 020 7544 2600
Mini-pupillages: Yes
Minimum qualification: 2.1