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About Enterprise Chambers

Enterprise Chambers is ranked amongst the leading sets at the Chancery Commercial bar. With a bias towards litigation, its barristers have a firmly court-centred practice.

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Mr James Pickering QC

Enterprise Chambers is ranked amongst the leading sets at the chancery commercial bar. Chambers has a strong bias towards litigation and all of its barristers tend to have a firmly court-centred practice. It is a long-established but forward thinking set, with 26 members in London (former members including Lord Millett, Lord Cross, Lord Justice Balcombe and Mr Justice Mann) and equally thriving branches in Bristol, Leeds and Newcastle. Chambers values the ability of its members to approach problems in a manner which is both intellectually rigorous and practically grounded and it prides itself on its down-to-earth and client-friendly reputation.
Insolvency and company, including: all aspects of the insolvency of companies, partnerships and individuals; directors’ duties; fraudulent and wrongful trading and other misconduct; international and cross-border insolvency; and shareholders’ disputes. Property, including: both real property law and landlord and tenant practice. The former covers issues arising from the sale of land, land registration, mortgages, easements, adverse possession and property fraud, amongst others. The latter covers issues arising from leases of all types, whether business, agricultural or social housing tenancies. Commercial, including: general contractual disputes and issues arising from the sale of goods, banking, guarantees, consumer credit, business finance, carriage of goods, civil fraud, professional negligence, regulatory matters, and private international law. Equitable remedies, covering: injunctions (including freezing injunctions and search orders), specific performance, and issues arising from constructive trusts, fiduciary duties, fraud and tracing, restitution, estoppel, rectification and rescission.
Applications are invited from candidates with a minimum 2.1 degree or equivalent. We seek the best candidates regardless of their background. We always aim to recruit our starter junior tenants from our pupils and have been delighted to maintain a 100% retention rate for our pupils over at least the last several years, and to then support them in developing thriving junior practices. We therefore look to offer pupillage to those candidates who have the potential to succeed as tenants in chambers.
Chambers offers one 12-month pupillage in London each year (recruitment for our Leeds, Newcastle and Bristol branches is conducted separately). Pupils have a minimum of four supervisors and are encouraged to work for other members of chambers to give them the best exposure to all areas of chambers’ practice. Our goal is to make pupillage as stimulating and enjoyable as possible and to prepare pupils for a successful practice at the Bar. To that end, pupils in their second six are offered real advocacy experience in court, at an appropriate level, with the support of chambers.
Through the Pupillage Gateway. Further information about the selection process is available on our website.
Please see our website to apply for mini-pupillage.
The pupillage award is currently £55,000, including £5,000 of guaranteed earnings. A proportion of this as agreed with chambers may be drawn down in advance. The award may be subject to review and applicants are referred to the Pupillage Gateway for confirmation of the amount.

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9 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, WC2A 3SR
Phone: 020 7405 9471
Email: [email protected]
Mini-pupillages: Yes
Minimum qualification: 2.1 degree or equivalent