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23 Essex Street

  • 1 Pupillages
  • 103 Tenants
  • 9 Tenancies in last 3 years

About 23 Essex Street

23 Essex Street is a modern, innovative, approachable set of barristers, with a leading reputation in the fields of crime, fraud and a range of regulatory and disciplinary matters.

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Head of chambers

Mr Simon Russell-Flint QC

23 Essex Street is ranked as one of the leading sets of Chambers specialising in criminal law, with 75 tenants including 11 silks.
Our expertise covers all areas of the criminal law and all members of Chambers appear regularly, prosecuting and defending, at all levels in all of the main court centres of London and the South-East circuit. Members of Chambers have appeared in many of the major criminal trials in recent years. In addition, we are particularly strong in our conduct of IP crime, commercial frauds and white collar crime, and we have a thriving practice in related areas of regulatory work, with members of Chambers conducting cases for and before such bodies as the General Medical Council, Lloyds, the FSA, the Environment Agency and the CAA. We also undertake public inquiries, professional disciplinary tribunals, extradition, licensing, coroners'courts and courts martial.
Applicants should be able to demonstrate that their intellectual ability is matched by their flair for advocacy, their presentation and communication skills and their originality of thought. We encourage applications from those who have engaged in mooting and debating, and those who have worked for the FRU.
We offer three structured 12-month pupillages each year. We have prepared and published on our website a detailed document setting out our policy on the selection of pupils, including details of our preinterview selection criteria, interview procedure, organisation of pupillage itself and the criteria and procedure for the selection of junior tenants.
Chambers is a member of OLPAS and we recruit exclusively through the summer season.
Non-assessed mini-pupillages are available between June and August (inclusive). Each mini-pupil will be assigned to a junior member of Chambers for the week and must expect to travel to courts in London and throughout the Southeast.

Please apply in writing, enclosing a CV, to Daniel Fugallo on or after 1 April 2008.

We offer three 12-month pupillages each year, all funded at £22,000 pa (comprising £12,000 payable monthly in advance over six months plus a guaranteed minimum second six months' earnings of £10,000).

Sponsored students are accepted.

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23 Essex Street, London, WC2R 3AA
Phone: 020 7413 0353
Mini-pupillages: Yes