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12CP Barristers

  • 1-2 Pupillages
  • 28 Tenants
  • 4 Tenancies in last 3 years

About 12CP Barristers

A medium-sized, multi-disciplinary set which prides itself on being friendly, approachable and providing a high quality service. Application deadline is noon on 1st February 2019.

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Head of chambers

Mr Nicholas Haggan QC

Chambers was formed almost 30 years ago in order to provide a professional service to organisations, businesses and individuals in the immediate and wider locality by offering an expert, efficient and approachable source of advice and representation. 17 Carlton Crescent is now a leading South Coast set and the largest in Southampton. The membership of Chambers has risen to 38, recruited not only on the basis of their ability as lawyers and advocates, but also upon their commitment to Chambers' objectives.

To meet the increasing demand for specialist practitioners Chambers has established Law Teams. The membership of these teams is made up of those who devote all or a significant part of their practice to the area of work in question. Chambers has Law Teams in the following areas:


  • Common law
  • Criminal
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Planning

More junior members (those under five years' call) tend to practise in a wide variety of areas of law, dealing with matters at a level appropriate to their seniority. In their case, membership of a Law Team indicates an area of law in which they have a particular interest in developing a practice in the future.

Pupils are selected on the basis of the likelihood of their making good barristers, their willingness to work hard, their approachability and their preparedness to offer an efficient, friendly service to solicitors and lay clients.

First six: you will be assigned a pupil supervisor and will be expected to follow them to court, to read and work on their paperwork and to assist them generally.


Second six: there is usually work available in the second six and previous second-six pupils have spent a good deal of their time undertaking work on their own account; however, pupillage is still regarded as a time of learning.

Normally tenants are recruited from among Chambers’ own pupils and if you wish to become a tenant you should apply to the Pupillage Secretary towards the end of pupillage. Pupils will be considered on their own merits and the progress shown during pupillage.

Apply by 31 August 2005 to begin October 2006. Write or email to request an application form. Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from our website.

12 one-week mini-pupillages during the summer. Two one-week mini-pupillages during Easter. Write or email for an application form or download the form from our website.

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20 Carlton Crescent, Southampton, SO15 2ET
Phone: 023 8032 0320
Mini-pupillages: Yes