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Meet the Lawyer

Mayer Brown International LLP
Mayer Brown International LLP
Mayer Brown is active in all of the world's major markets, meaning that we can help our clients all across the world. Read on for more insight into life at international firm Mayer Brown.

Where law and business collide

Commercial awareness is important, but it can be hard to know where to start. To help, we identify some of the most interesting business news stories in the mainstream press, tweet them from @CityLawLIVE every day and collate them in a weekly news round-up every Thursday. What better way to start to get to grips with the hot business/commercial topics of the day?

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Isla Grant, LawCareers.Net’s senior editor, describes how she upped her commercial awareness game and why you should do the same.

Meet the Recruiter

Ashurst LLP
Cheryl Evans
Ashurst LLP

Hailing from the land Down Under, Cheryl Evans joined Ashurst when the firm merged with Blake Dawson in 2012. Read on for her recruitment wisdom and wide insight into the firm.


Do you have the key skills every recruiter wants?

There are a handful of core competencies that the majority of firms/chambers want to see in their recruits. Here we detail (in a light-hearted way) how to identify if you've got them and, if so, how to provide evidence of their existence. Read on for a review of the attributes you'll need to succeed.

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Big-name clients and landmark, multijurisdictional deals are what CMS UK is all about. Read on to find out about its geographically, intellectually and professionally expansive recruitment scheme.

Featured Lawyer

Allen & Overy LLP
Adam Leadercramer
Allen & Overy LLP

University of Birmingham

Working in A&O's Communications, Media and Technology team allows me to be involved in cutting-edge transactions with innovative and dynamic clients. The variety of work means that I have gained knowledge and experience of a number of different business sectors.

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