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Student Law Societies

Student law societies vary in what they offer and how they’re arranged, but you can expect opportunities to boost your CV, learn more about the profession and socialise with like-minded students. You might find yourself mooting, networking or dancing at the annual ball. Whichever way you look at it, it pays to get involved. The following list offers details on dozens of university law societies, including links to their own websites where available. 

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that information on LawCareers.Net is correct, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies. The site relies on information supplied by individual organisations which are sent written confirmation of the information that we hold on them and will be publishing. Organisations have the opportunity to update their information at any time. We strongly advise you to doublecheck key information yourself.


University of Abertay, Dundee

Abertay Students Law Society

University of Abertay Dundee Student Law Society was founded in 2010 by the students and for the students of Abertay. We were originally focused around LLB students but quickly branched out to EBL students too. We reflect the diversity of the Law student population within Abertay, having representatives on the committee from both courses and all years.

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University Mooting Society

Aberystwyth University Mooting Society is open to all students of the Department of Law and Criminology. The society provides members with the opportunity to develop their mooting skills through a series of training workshops and mooting competitions.

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University Law Society

Our aim is to provide legal knowledge and experience in preparation for a career in the legal sector. This will include various different activities that will enable you to gain the skills needed to succeed in the professional industry. We aim to bridge the gap between the students and the legal world beyond university.

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Law Society

Anglia Law Society is the student-run law society open to all Anglia Ruskin University students interested in a career in law. The aim of the society is to promote and facilitate the sharing of information, advice and contacts regarding a career in law and academic matters for the betterment of members.

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Birkbeck, University of London

Birkbeck Law Society

The Society is an opportunity to meet other students within the Law School in an informal environment, outside of your normal study programme. We intend for the society to create a network amongst students to meet each other both socially and for mutual support. One of our primary aims is to assist our membership in their future careers and, as such we have a range of careers events currently in planning, such as talks, workshops and panel debates. We will be looking to provide you with a range of careers information, for those interested in traditional practice routes, as well as those interested in following academic paths or more niche areas of legal practice.

University of Birmingham

The Radcliffe Club Law for Non-Law Society

The Law For Non-Law society is the first of its kind in the country, specifically targeting students who aspire to future legal careers but are not currently studying an LLB. Our society provides information surrounding the law conversion and potential careers, support for our members during difficult processes such as applications and interviews and also networking opportunities so non-law students can meet lawyers face-to-face and increase their confidence when talking to professionals.

University of Birmingham

The Holdsworth Club

The Holdsworth Club is the University of Birmingham’s Student Law Society. The Holdsworth Club was founded in 1927 and named after Sir William Holdsworth. The list of distinguished presidents includes Lord Denning, Lord Neuberger and this year Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls. We run a variety of social events both in Birmingham and abroad, as well as sports and drama activities. We also have a comprehensive programme of careers events and we work in partnership with many of the country’s top law firms. We aim to ensure every law student's time at university is the best it can be; by getting involved in our society, students can be sure to get the most out of their degree.

Birmingham City University

The BCU Legal Team

We are dedicated to providing excellent events and services for educational and social purposes!

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University Law Society

Bournemouth University's Student Law Society was formed in 1996 and has enjoyed a number of successful years of development as the legal department at Bournemouth University has grown. Each year, the society hosts the Law Ball which is open to law and non law students. It is attended by guest speakers who share their experience of the legal profession; last year the speaker was Lord Neuberger, Master of the Rolls.

University of Brighton

Brighton University Law Society (UBLS)

The University of Brighton Student Law Society organises social and academic events for its members, law students. Examples of such events are: the Freshers Launch Party, a Christmas Ball an extensive program of guest speakers as well as trips to courts and prisons.

University of Bristol

University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC)

Our law club is run by a team of eighteen annually elected committee members. Our aim is to provide a wide range of activities to support our members' academic, social and career needs. Recent events have included two balls (one of which featured no less than two fairground rides and three chocolate fountains!), very successful mooting and debating competitions, a variety of careers workshops and a range of sports teams.

University of Bristol

University of Bristol Bar Society

Bristol Institute of Legal Practice

University of the West of England Law Society

Brunel University

We are a student run society with the purpose of allowing not only law students but for anyone with an interest in law at Brunel University to come together. Our aim is to be a platform for students who are looking for a career in law by helping improve their curriculum vitae through events such as mooting and debating. As well as improving students social lives through our club and pub nights.

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University of Cambridge

Cambridge Law Society

The Cambridge University Law Society (CULS) is one of the oldest and largest student run societies in the University, the country and indeed the world. With a membership base of over a 1000, its aims are manifold and its enterprises diverse.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University Law Society

We aim to keep both law and non-law students involved socially and academically throughout their university career, with events such as the law ball and the annual trip, as well as mooting, Pro Bono work and social events with local firms.

The City Law School

City University Law Society

The Society organises academic and social events throughout the year. We are committed to run events relating to student skill development and employability. In addition, the Society organises mooting and debating, as well as giving guidance on pro bono work.

The City Law School

Canadian American Law Society

Coventry University

Coventry University Law Society
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De Montfort University

The De Montfort University Law Society

Members can take part in both internal and external mooting competitions and are gaining practical experience from our first mentoring scheme. Many social events are available, most notably a cheese 'n' wine evening with local practitioners, trips to Parliament and the High Court as well as the highlight of our calendar, the annual Ball.

University of Derby

University of Derby Law Society

The Law Society is a student run body operating under the umbrella of the University of Derby Students Union. As of 2011 it is the biggest and most active society in the University with bimothly events encompassing a range of themes

University of Durham

Durham University Law Society

"One of the oldest and most prolific societies at Durham: creating a bridge between you and your legal career." The society aims to ensure that its members receive outstanding career opportunities from a wide range of prospective law firms, providing for the chance to meet with company representatives. Additionally, the society hosts a range of quality social and sporting events to allow members to interact in an informal environment.

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University of East Anglia

UEA Law Society

The UEA Law Society is one of the largest, popular and most prestigious societies at the university. We cater for all students, whether studying law or otherwise, providing an excellent social calendar year round offering social gatherings, as well as inexpensive trips abroad to cities such as Amsterdam, unavailable to most other students and societies they may be part of. As well as a social aspect, we host academic events with guest speakers of the highest quality, as well as trips to London where we visit barrister's chambers and magic circle law firms. We also host the negotiations and mooting competitions.

University of Essex

Essex Law Society

The University of Essex Law Society is the largest and arguably the most prestigious society on campus. We aim to meet the needs of our members through a variety of social and academic events. Members can take part in competitions such as mooting and client negotiation and can also contribute to our legal magazine ‘Inter Alia’. We also run Street Law, a pro bono scheme where the society takes the law into the local community by teaching younger students about the law. We also organise career events to help students who aspire to go into the legal profession and have social events such as the annual Law Ball.

University of Exeter

Bracton Law Society

The Bracton Law Society is one of Exeter's largest and most active societies. We cater for all students, whether studying law or otherwise, providing an excellent social calendar year round, as well as various sporting, pro bono, mooting and debating opportunities. We also aim to inspire and support members aiming for a career in the legal profession by increasing awareness of career opportunities both nationally and regionally. We aim to ensure every law student's time at university is the best it can be; by getting involved in our society, students can be sure to get the most out of their degree.

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University of Gloucestershire

University of Gloucestershire Law Society

Open to students of all subjects, the Gloucestershire Student law society will help students learn more about how they can develop legal skills and a legal career. This can be from learning networking skills at socials to being made more aware of legal opportunities and being given a chance to ask any questions on which students are unsure.

University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich Student Law Society

As a member of the Student Law Society you will become familiar with the ‘legal world’, gain helpful guidance to support your academic studies, and have a great time!

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University of Huddersfield

Baroness Hale Law Society

University of Hull

University of Hull Law Society

Welcome to the University of Hull – Law Society. We are one of the university’s largest societies. We offer students fun, enjoyment and the opportunity of making new friends, with an intoxicating mix of activities from dress down to dress up, bar crawls to cocktail nights & go-karting to ballet, not forgetting our legendary spring ball. In addition, a series of exclusive workshops, professional guest speakers, pro bono opportunities and speed networking events, are guaranteed to boost your career whilst still having fun. Taking part in our mooting, negotiation and client interviewing competitions should also be at the top of your list, which will enable you to build a variety of new and essential legal skills.

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University of Keele

Keele University Bar Society

University of Kent

Kent Student Law Society

Kent Student Law Society (KSLS) is currently one of the largest societies at the University of Kent and the only student society at Kent that caters for students who wish to pursue a career in law as a solicitor, or who are as of yet undecided of their career path they wish to take. Our main aim is to provide our members with all the information they might need to make a well balanced career decision and the support to make it happen. We do this by hosting talks, workshops and networking events with professionals on a variety of career related topics. Every year we organise our annual law fair, which is attended by over 30 legal organisations and over 500 students. Our annual law dinner is a great opportunity for student to meet legal professionals on an informal basis and dine at the Canterbury Cathedral. The Committee this year is a vibrant and enthusiastic team of diverse individuals who strive to provide its members with the information they need to progress successfully into the legal profession.

King's College London

King's College London Law Society

The King’s College London Law Society is the largest society at King’s College London for those with an interest in law. The KCL Law Society serves all King’s students with membership available to all law and non-law undergraduates and postgraduates. The KCL Law Society is run by an elected committee for the benefit of students. The committee aims to connect King’s students with top legal practitioners in London and help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in the legal and professional job markets. The Society also organises a variety of enjoyable social events, moots, debates and a negotiation competition.

King's College London

Kings College London Bar Society

The Bar Society offers something for all students, regardless of future career intentions. It is the society for mooting and advocacy, being the only society to offer mooting workshops and competitions from beginner level, right through to more advanced levels, and it also offers CV workshops, interview workshops, tours of Inns of Courts, legal competitions, talks and networking with leading barristers’ chambers and law firms. In addition, the society host a number of social events, the highlight of which is The Annual Black Tie Dinner

Kingston University

Kingston University Law Society

We aim to promulgate information, advice and contacts regarding academic issues and careers, both in the law and other areas. We are affiliated to or have links with several professional and academic organisations including the Inner Temple, European Law Students Association and the International Law Students Association. Society members often compete at the annual In-House Mooting Competition and Client Negotiating Competition, and many have competed for the university in national level moots and client negotiating competitions, in which we have had great success in the past

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Lancaster University

Lancaster University Law Society

Lancaster Law Society is run by students and offers support and also a wide range of activities - some which might be of help in any future legal career and some which are there solely to give a well needed and deserved break from stressful studies (excuse to party?) !

University of Leeds

Leeds University Law Society

Leeds Law Society fully understands that nowadays the employment market is very competitive and that employers not only look for a good degree, but also ways in which the applicant has made themselves stand out amongst the rest. We aim to provide all the opportunities for our students that will help them to gain a legal experience that a degree does not teach.

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett Law Society

University of Leicester

Leicester University Student Law Society

Our objectives are to enhance our members' experiences of university life and to help provide and excellent grouding for a legal career. We do this by considering a 3 pillar approach of: Academic guidance and support - liasing with the Students' Union course representatives and staff of the School of Law to ensure our courses are running smoothly! Development of practical skills - through our many competitions, Pro Bono opportunities, sports teams and LawSoc magazine reporting opportunities. Providing networking opportunities - in the form of our many Solicitor/Barrister related career events and our social events, such as sponsored cocktail evenings. Being a member of the Student Law Society adds to your overall university experience, not only by providing you with great opportunities to expand your personal accomplishments, but also by giving you the opportunity to network and develop your career prospects.

University of Lincoln

University of Lincoln Law Society

Currently the largest society on campus, the University of Lincoln Law Society offers an insight for both members studying, or just interested in the world of law. We offer academic opportunities covering negotiation, pro bono as well as mooting, with the 2014 final of our internal mooting competition, named after Professor Richard Stone, being held at The Supreme Court. Our careers events and guest lecture series provides members an opportunity to speak to professionals including barristers, solicitors, and members of the judiciary as well as Lincoln Law School alumni to share their story into law. On top of that, our calendar of events, provides members the chance to get a break from their studies. From our lively socials, quizzes and games to the prestigious highlight of the year, the annual law ball, we have something for everyone, whatever your taste.

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool Legal Society

The Legal Society is a student elected organisation, run by students, for students. With the aim of providing the best experience possible in term of careers advise, academic competitions and socials while at university.

University of Liverpool

The Advocacy Society

The Advocacy Society is the youngest of the Law School’s student societies. Set up in 2010, the Advocacy Society aims to enhance students’ public speaking and advocacy skills and improve their employability prospects.

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores Law Society

The aim of the LJMU Law Society is to provide students with the opportunity to gain unforgettable experiences and to network with others through a number of exciting law- and non-law-related activities. We host a wide range of academic and social events throughout the year, including both internal and external mooting and negotiation competitions, student vs. lecturer quizzes, charity events, a discussion board and weekly e-newsletter, firm and chambers networking events, and of course the prestigious end of year Law Ball. As a member of the LJMU Law Society, you will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts at many of these events, whilst gaining valuable experience and knowledge of the legal world. Not only does it look great on your CV, but you'll be part of a social network of law students open to all ages and levels, enabling you to mix with all the right people at this crucial time in your career.

London School of Economics

The LSESU Law Society

The Law Society is one of the liveliest and most popular societies at LSE, with something always going on. From tours of corporate law firms and career-advice seminars to parties at some of London's hottest venues, our yearly Ball and lectures by the worlds' top lawyers - be it our very own Cherie Booth QC or judges from the highest courts in Britain and the world. The Society is a great opportunity to get to know those people you say hello to in every lecture, but never seem to get the chance to have proper conservations with. By joining the Law Society you will get the chance to explore possible career paths, interact with top-class solicitors and barristers and hopefully have a few great nights out with people you'll never forget!

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University of Manchester

Manchester University Law Society (MULS)

Your one stop to everything that is going on at the University of Manchester Law School. Find out about exciting social and academic events, read the latest edition of Mandatory, check out photos, and much more! MULS online will also provide you with words of wisdom from past Manchester graduates who are now working at leading global law firms and will keep you updated on trips abroad and how to purchase tickets to our exclusive events. Whatever your motivation, MULS is the society for you!

Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Law School Law Society

Middlesex University

Middlesex University Law Society

We aim to provide you with diverse, valuable and exciting range of informative presentations and fantastic social events. The main goal is to become one of the most exciting and innovative societies at the University. The society is run by students, for students. Therefore our intentions are not simply directed toward career events, but range from social events to mooting competitions.

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Newcastle University

The Eldon Society

The Eldon Society is Newcastle University's student law society and is named after Lord Eldon, a famous 19th century Lord Chancellor and son of Newcastle.

Northumbria Law School

The Grey Society is Northumbria’s Law Society which runs a variety of different events throughout the year for law students and their friends.

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham Law Society

We have one of the largest memberships and receive an unhealthy amount of sponsorship from lovely law firms which means one thing: we can provide the biggest socials with the cheapest prices every couple of weeks, as well as securing our members more discounts than any other society from some of Nottingham's biggest names. From bars to restaurants to clubs, we cover everything - even the taxi home! On top of our amazing social calendar, LawSoc offers an unparallelled careers service for both law and non-law students, organising a million-and-one firm presentations, workshops and networking events throughout the year, balancing our grand balls and river cruises against our careers fair and dinner at the Hilton Hotel.

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Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University Law Society

Oxford University

Oxford Law Society

The Oxford Law Society is one of the largest student societies in Oxford. It is run by students for students, in association with the Careers service and the Faculty of Law. Law Soc's main aims are to provide regular speaker events and opportunities to speak with representatives from barristers' Chambers and law firms through either presentations or social events.

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Plymouth University

Plymouth Student Law Society

We are a society for all Law and Criminal Justice Students as well as anyone who is interested in a career in the legal sector. We run extensive internal and external mooting, negotiation and debating competitions as well as a multitude of career and special events. Our annual Cheese and Wine Evening sees the Society host a networking event, with the opportunity for our members to talk to a variety of professionals including barristers, solicitors, probation officers, the CPS and local police. However, we’re not just about increasing your employability, we do like to have fun as well. We run regular socials: some themed nights, some relaxed, some for charity fundraising, but all a lot of fun! We end the year with the annual Law Ball - a fantastic opportunity to "Dress to Impress" - held in one of Plymouth's finest venues!

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Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary Bar Society

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary Pro Bono Society

Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary Law Society

The main task of the Law Society is to assist students within the Department of Law with all aspects of their study.The Society organises events, both academic and social, from our annual boat party to networking events with major law firms. Queen Mary has a separate Student Bar Society for aspiring barristers.

Queen's University Belfast

QUB Law Society
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Reading University

Reading Uni Law Society

As the biggest society on campus, Reading University Law Society prides itself on being the best. We do so by organising and running a variety of different events throughout the year, from unforgettable socials to mooting to career workshops to 'an Audience with...' sessions. Our aim is to ensure you make the most of your time at Reading University and ensure you try as many things/ meet as many people as possible.

Here is a glimpse of some of the big events we have planned throughout 2012-13: Day at the Races, Trip to Ascot; Osbourne Clark Internal Mooting Competition; WEEKEND TRIP ABROAD and the Annual Law Ball.

Royal Holloway, University of London

RHUL Law Society

With no law faculty at Royal Holloway University of London, the law society is the best way for interested students to get involved. We aim to educate students on routes into law, such as the GDL and subsequent courses, and hold talks by professionals from different areas of the legal sector. We also hold regular socials, such as pizza nights and society day trips, and the highlight of the year is our trip abroad, previously having been to the ICC in The Hague and Amsterdam.

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School of Oriental and African Studies

SOAS Law Society

The SOAS Law Society comprises both undergraduate and postgraduate law students. We aim to promote events and opportunities for SOAS students to get involved and to support the development of their career in law. We provide opportunities in the commercial field as well as other legal career paths, the scope of which reach careers in the UK, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Our activities include careers and networking events, a mentor scheme, a careers database, pro-bono work, mooting competitions, balls and dinners.

Sheffield University

Edward Bramley Law Society

EdBram has so much to offer you in the way of extra-curricular events! Whether it’s mooting, sports, volunteering or attending one of our infamous social events we have something for everyone!

Sheffield University

University of Sheffield Bar Society

University of Southampton

University of Southampton Law Society

The University of Southampton Law Society is primarily a representative body for law students at the University of Southampton. The Society aims to preserve students' interests through improving opportunities and maintaining good contact with the Law faculty.

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University Law Society

Sunderland University

University of Sunderland Law Society (USLS)

The University of Sunderland Law Society aims to provide both law and non law students with experience that will allow them to embark successfully on a legal career. Through a diverse range of careers and social events, we endeavour to expand the students' skill set that they require to begin their legal careers.

University of Surrey

University of Surrey Students' Law Society

We organise and advertise events relating to the legal sector - so things like talks, lectures, trips to courts. We also have a social element - bar crawls, quiz nights and the Annual Law Ball.

University of Sussex

University of Sussex Law Society

The University of Sussex Law Society exists to enhance the experience of law and non-law students by exposing them to career options and providing opportunities for them to develop their soft skills. As a society we attempt to provide both social, and educational opportunities to our members, with the mandate to ensure that we strive to enhance the student experience, making it the best it can be while studying at Sussex.

To join the LinkedIn group, see here.

Swansea University

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University College London

UCL Graduate Law Society

University College London

UCL Student Law Society

The UCL Law Society is here to further the social and extracurricular development of its student body through a plethora of extracurricular activities. UCL Law Society members have ample opportunity to meet and network with important members of the profession, solicitors and barristers alike. We hold, host and participate in a number of competitions to give our students chances to develop skills in mooting, debating, negotiation and client interviewing. Our members can exercise their literary as well as their publication skills by getting involved with our magazine the 'Silk v Brief'. We even cater for the 'sporty types' through our Society teams. Through our rapidly developing pro-bono programme we are able to give back to the community and put the law into practice where it is most needed. Finally, through our infamous social calendar, UCL Law Society members have ample opportunity to take some well earned breaks from the hard graft that is a UCL law degree and also to meet some incredible and inspiring people - our other faculty members who make up the rest of our Law Society.

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University of Warwick

Warwick Law Society

With emerging buzzwords such as ‘commercial awareness’ adding to the already long list of desired qualities for a successful career in law, we strongly believe that we as a society need to keep our finger on the pulse of what employers are looking for and so strive to ensure that employability is kept at the heart of all our initiatives.

Warwick Law Society has over 700 members and offers a great range of opportunities for students interested in law. We hold a variety of pro bono activities, regular mooting competitions, sports teams, quality socials and all the career events you could ask for! As one of the biggest societies on campus, Warwick Law Society is here to make sure you get the best possible experience out of your time at Warwick.

University of Warwick

Warwick Bar Society

Westminster Law School

Westminster Student Law Society
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The University of York

York University Law Society

The University of York Law Society is currently in its seventh year and is one of the largest societies on campus. We provide opportunities for both law and non-law students to meet with legal professionals from all walks of life, enabling them to gain an understanding of the profession. We offer many events for members to further their career through presentations and workshops, as well as opportunities to socialise as a society.

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