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Freeths LLP
James Clamp
Freeths LLP

Basing an entire career on the desire to be a movie-based, military-lawyer type may not seem like a great way to start, but things have worked out beautifully for James Clamp, real estate lawyer at Freeths.


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Understanding what goes on in different practice areas is an important part of deciding which legal career path to take. Amanda Millmore, non-practising barrister and founder of CPD provider Legal Training, offers a broad selection of some of the best online resources for lawyers (and would-be lawyers) of all persuasions.

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Assess your application strengths and weaknesses
Assess your application strengths and weaknesses
Matt Broadbent
One of the biggest barriers to success in finding a career in law is the trouble many candidates have in successfully translating what they have done in their academic, work and extracurricular lives into a set of skills and attributes that are attractive to employers and backed up by evidence.

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