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The Legal Realist
Objection, your Honour!
The Legal Realist

Traditionally, it was only barristers who were required to be skilled advocates, as they were the only legal representatives who had “rights of audience” (the right to appear and conduct proceedings in court).

Meet the Lawyer

Serle Court
Sophie Holcombe
Serle Court

Essentially, a barrister has to formulate a persuasive argument for each case and I enjoy the fact that the responsibility to do so is entirely my own. I am very much in control of my own cases and every day is completely different – it's both an exciting and demanding career.

LC.N Says

The value of pro bono
The value of pro bono
Grace Kelly

Described by a colleague as 'Fashion Week' for the pro bono community, Pro Bono Week presents a fantastic opportunity to promote pro bono projects and celebrate those who volunteer their time and their expertise.

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