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Struan Campbell, outreach manager of Inner Temple, discusses the process of qualifying as a barrister, from studying the BPTC to joining an Inn of Court and on to securing pupillage.


Coleen Mensa


The Legal Diaries | EXAM SEASON!
Coleen Mensa

It’s coming up to that time of year where exams are looming. I have picked up some tips along the way which proved to be a massive help to me. In this video, I share these tips in the hope that it helps at least one law student out there!

Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

How to choose an LPC provider
Dear Oracle ...

I am thinking about where to study my Legal Practice Course. It seems that more and more firms have tie-ins with law schools, only sending their future trainees to that institution. Does this mean that the provider I pick will affect where I can apply for a training contract?