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10 hours ago
Government cuts to duty solicitor contracts go ahead after solicitors lose Court of Appeal challenge. http://t.co/8VUf10APD7

11 hours ago
Understanding how law firms' clients operate is vital - we recommend this from @TheEconomist on How hedge funds work: http://t.co/NYvGv5llvm

13 hours ago
Bright Network research reveals that law is top 3 sector choice for a future career among its members. http://t.co/FVL9igGBkc

Meet the Lawyer

Serle Court
Sophie Holcombe
Serle Court

Essentially, a barrister has to formulate a persuasive argument for each case and I enjoy the fact that the responsibility to do so is entirely my own. I am very much in control of my own cases and every day is completely different โ€“ it's both an exciting and demanding career.

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