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RT @SPB_Trainees: @LawCareersNetUK Don't miss our live Q&A session at 1pm on Thursday 27 November to find out about @SPB_Global

Matthew M realises that open days are becoming an integral part of a law firm's grad recruitment process http://t.co/aMIlpCMcIY

New Junior Lawyers in School scheme launched to commemorate 800 years of the Magna Carta http://t.co/SKYG53LGyE


A year in the law

There's something about this time of year (the change of season perhaps) that prompts reflection over the previous 12 months. Courtesy of just published Best in Law, we offer you a synopsis of some of the biggest and most interesting legal toing and froing that 2013-14 had to offer.

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The value of pro bono
The value of pro bono
Grace Kelly

Described by a colleague as 'Fashion Week' for the pro bono community, Pro Bono Week presents a fantastic opportunity to promote pro bono projects and celebrate those who volunteer their time and their expertise.

Ask the Oracle

Ask the oracle
Legal work opportunities for postgrad students
Dear Oracle ...

I have recently graduated with a 2.1 in philosophy and plan to earn some money before enrolling on the GDL. What kind of paid work could I do which a) looks impressive to employers, and b) would be flexible enough to allow me to keep putting my legal career first?

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