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Pupillage deadlines

Some of the most important dates in your career path will be pupillage deadlines, so you need to keep track of when your target chambers are calling time on applications! This page is designed to provide a list of which chambers have which deadlines. The best way for you to collate those deadlines that are of interest is to save the chambers to your MyLC.N account, where the related deadlines will be automatically added to your personal MyCalendar. Just click ‘Add to MyLC.N’ on the chambers’ directory page.

Please note – you apply for the majority of pupillages through the Pupillage Gateway (which replaces the Pupillage Portal and is the system formerly known as OLPAS). Most chambers (or 'Pupillage Training Organisations') are members of the centralised gateway system, but some are not. Members will all have the SAME deadline – usually the end of April each year. Nevertheless, available pupillages at both types of chambers are listed on the system, but non-members will have varying deadlines and methods of application, and you will have to check their individual websites for details.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that information on LawCareers.Net is correct, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies. The site relies on information supplied by individual organisations which are sent written confirmation of the information that we hold on them and will be publishing. Organisations have the opportunity to update their information at any time. We strongly advise you to doublecheck key information yourself.







Pupillage Gateway deadline

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