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3 hours ago
RT @FieldfisherGrad: If the #banks won't #lend, who will? http://t.co/wtBaFOXsJf @LawCareersNetUK

9 hours ago
Financing your studies, networking, commercial analysis on alternative lending & more in this week's LC.N Weekly. https://t.co/tge9szbxnl

12 hours ago
Today's Burning Question from a trainee at @kwm_emea looks at alternative lending & debt finance http://t.co/rRmJZyZh95

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The value of pro bono
The value of pro bono
Grace Kelly

Described by a colleague as 'Fashion Week' for the pro bono community, Pro Bono Week presents a fantastic opportunity to promote pro bono projects and celebrate those who volunteer their time and their expertise.

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