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18 hours ago
LC.N Blogs: Kirsty Ruth on the value of getting involved in pro bono projects. http://t.co/HRno2X8V4r

18 hours ago
LC.N Blogs: Matthew M on the importance of time management and not falling behind on the LPC. http://t.co/z4ECFRqPP9

19 hours ago
@Nabz_1234 If you're interested in the Bar, then you will be applying next year, so this is the time to undertake research into various sets


Matthew M
The LPC so far
Matthew M

I am four weeks into my Legal Practice Course (LPC) at The University of Law in Manchester and so far everything is going well.

Ask the Oracle

Ask the oracle
Going to the Bar?
Dear Oracle ...

I’ve just started the second year of my law degree and want to become a human rights barrister. I keep hearing people say that only Oxbridge students get pupillages. Is this true?


The commercial year 2013-14

Having an amazing ability to analyse pure theoretical law is all well and good, but you also need to appreciate the commercial context within which your clients are operating. Courtesy of just published Best in Law, this feature looks at some of the key themes in the commercial world in 2013-14 and gives you some pointers on how they are relevant to lawyers.

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