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Meet the Recruiter

Vinson & Elkins RLLP
Natalie Perkin
Vinson & Elkins RLLP

Fancy getting your hands on a koozie or going to a Houston-based prom? Natalie Perkin, lawyer and grad rec decision maker, can tell you how. Learn more about her role and the sorts of things you can expect as a trainee at Vinson & Elkins.

Meet the Lawyer

Travers Smith LLP
Tom Hartwright
Travers Smith LLP

Tom Hartwright of Travers Smith makes the point that firms want more than “head-down drones” – they also want people who are fun to work with, so don’t let your extracurricular life suffer. Read on for more sound advice, as well as details of Tom’s career as a private equity associate.

LC.N Says

Don't be a turkey
Don't be a turkey
Matt Broadbent
At this time of year, when every writer is shoehorning a festive theme into their articles, I've been thinking that in many ways applying for a job in the legal profession is like assembling a traditional Christmas dinner.

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