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Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Law School not only has its own great facilities - it is also adjoined by Manchester Metropolitan University’s £75 million business school, and enjoys strong connections with the region’s finest legal practitioners. Read on to find out more.


Assess your application strengths and weaknesses

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Assess your application strengths and weaknesses
Matt Broadbent

One of the biggest barriers to success in finding a career in law is the trouble many candidates have in successfully translating what they have done in their academic, work and extracurricular lives into a set of skills and attributes that are attractive to employers and backed up by evidence.


Acing that pupillage interview

Hurray - you’ve managed to impress with your pupillage application. But yikes - now you’re looking down the barrel of an interview. Take a few deep breaths and consider what you can do to help your chances. Here, an expert from The University of Law offers advice on how best to prepare for pupillage interviews…