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7 hours ago
SRA apologises for “confusion” over 2014 training contract numbers. http://t.co/ngVMLZx7oC

8 hours ago
One of our bloggers attended a vac scheme assessment day at a firm's London bridge offices? Can you guess which firm? http://t.co/eXCs0cYiAS

8 hours ago
Watch LC.N’s senior editor Isla Grant describe how she upped her commercial awareness game and why you should too https://t.co/a3FKgJ3tE6


Kirsty Ruth
Assessment day fear
Kirsty Ruth
I remember February as a relatively pleasant month during the three years of my undergraduate degree – January exams and coursework deadlines had passed and there were at least a few months to go before the next period of exam pressure.


An alternative legal future? ABSolutely!

Never in the history of legal acronyms have three letters caused such a stir. We're talking, of course, about alternative business structures (ABS). And with three years having passed since the first ABS licences were issued, it's time for an update on all things 'Tesco law' and what it now means for aspiring legal professionals.

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