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8 hours ago
RT @MemeryCrystal: We have extended the deadline for our July Open Evenings to 7th July! Find out more here: http://t.co/M0J7NVxkj9 @TheLex…

10 hours ago
Legal service users/law firm clients: love @bbcstrictly + prefer Corrie over Eastenders...apparently MT @legalfutures http://t.co/I7KVLx7zLd

13 hours ago
.@DirAccessPortal – website enabling direct access to barristers’ services – receives support of @thebarcouncil. http://t.co/BeNUYdSNFM



Are you commercially aware?

We've said it before and, oh look, here we are saying it again. Commercial awareness is one of the key skills that law firms look for in future trainees and thus, if you are to succeed, you will need to develop this particular area of your brain.

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