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Tattoos: still a taboo for employers?

I’m set to graduate with a 2:1 in history before taking the GDL, but I'm just wondering what the view is on tattoos during the recruitment stage for both solicitors and barristers. I plan on getting a tattoo that is visible while wearing a short-sleeve shirt – would this affect my applications?

Puzzled about pupillage

I'm about to begin applying for pupillage, but I'm confused about how the system works. Help!

Becoming a solicitor via CILEx: where does the LPC fit in?

I obtained my LPC a few years ago and have been working as a paralegal ever since. With no training contract in sight, can I become a chartered legal executive and go on to qualify as a solicitor that way?

Cut out for a life of crime?

I am interested in a career in criminal law, but not sure how I would feel defending a client who I knew was guilty of a serious crime such as murder. Should I consider a different area of law?

A practice area poser

I am a trainee due to qualify this summer, but haven’t been told whether I will be kept on. I have enjoyed seats in employment, personal injury and private client, but which of these areas has the best long-term prospects if I need to apply for NQ positions at other firms?