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Consult the Oracle and you will find enlightenment... At LawCareers.Net we often receive queries about the processes and options related to joining the legal profession. Some questions arise again and again, while others are fiendishly obscure. Each week we'll publish one of the more interesting inquiries (anonymously) and provide an informative answer. But don’t worry – most letters are answered privately. Email us at oracle@lawcareers.net and don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.

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Alternatives to practising in a law firm

I'm about to qualify with a small private client firm, but I am not keen to stay on. I would like to explore careers in law outside the mainstream law firm route. What are some of my options?

Legal apprenticeship or law degree?

I’m considering starting a legal apprenticeship, but am unclear if the end result would be different to taking the university route and qualifying as a solicitor. What are the main differences between the two?

Networking: a crucial skill for success

I'm still only a student, but keep hearing that I need to network with lawyers already. Is this true? How do I do it?

Legal work opportunities for postgrad students

I have recently graduated with a 2.1 in philosophy and plan to earn some money before enrolling on the GDL. What kind of paid work could I do which a) looks impressive to employers, and b) would be flexible enough to allow me to keep putting my legal career first?

How to choose an LPC provider

It seems that more and more firms have tie-ins with law schools, only sending their future trainees to that institution. Does this mean that the provider I pick for my LPC will affect where I can apply for a training contract?

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