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The Oracle

Consult the Oracle and you will find enlightenment... At LawCareers.Net we often receive queries about the processes and options related to joining the legal profession. Some questions arise again and again, while others are fiendishly obscure. Each week we'll publish one of the more interesting inquiries (anonymously) and provide an informative answer. But don’t worry – most letters are answered privately. Email us at oracle@lawcareers.net and don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.

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Interviews: what to wear

I've got a couple of training contract interviews coming up. Obviously, I need to wear formal/business attire, but what exactly does this mean - especially for women? 

Training contract interview and scenario-based question help

What should I do if I don't know the answer to a scenario-based question at a training contract interview?

Can I switch from solicitor to barrister?

I want to be a barrister, but now I think it would be easier and more financially sensible to apply to train at a City firm, compared to competing for a pupillage. Could I train as a solicitor and then transfer to the Bar?

Choosing A-level subjects: what do universities want?

I'm currently at high school deciding which subjects to take for my A levels. I'm hoping to join the legal profession in the future, so I want to choose subjects that will impress recruiters. What should I pick to give me the edge?

Not posh enough?

I have just read that some top firms still see 'poshness' as important when recruiting. I didn’t go to a selective school and have a Midlands accent, but have good A levels and my ambition is to be a City lawyer - what does this mean for my chances?

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