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Consult the Oracle and you will find enlightenment... At LawCareers.Net we often receive queries about the processes and options related to joining the legal profession. Some questions arise again and again, while others are fiendishly obscure. Each week we'll publish one of the more interesting inquiries (anonymously) and provide an informative answer. But don’t worry – most letters are answered privately. Email us at oracle@lawcareers.net and don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.

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Offered a training contract but can’t fund the GDL

I moved to London from Ireland in 2012 to work as a paralegal and my firm has offered me a training contract. Unfortunately I am not eligible for the GDL loan, having not been in the country long enough. How can I fund my GDL?

I want to be a human rights barrister

I’ve just started the second year of my law degree and want to become a human rights barrister. I keep hearing people say that only Oxbridge students get pupillages. Is this true?

Thinking of changing careers into law

I'm tired of my current job and want to finally pursue my dream of becoming a solicitor. However, I've heard that recruitment at the big firms is geared towards younger candidates and smaller firms won't be able to afford me – is there any hope that I can achieve my ambition?

Qualification at all costs?

I've secured a training contract with a regional firm, but I really want to work in the City as a corporate lawyer. Should I accept the offer and hope to make it into a bigger firm on qualification or look for another training contract?

No vacation scheme: alternative work experience

I applied for places on a few summer vacation schemes, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. What kinds of alternative work experiences can I pursue to boost my CV and future applications?

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