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The Oracle

Consult the Oracle and you will find enlightenment... At LawCareers.Net we often receive queries about the processes and options related to joining the legal profession. Some questions arise again and again, while others are fiendishly obscure. Each week we'll publish one of the more interesting inquiries (anonymously) and provide an informative answer. But don’t worry – most letters are answered privately. Email us at oracle@lawcareers.net and don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.

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How many training contract applications should I make?

Last year I sent off over 50 training contract applications, but wasn't invited for a single interview. What am I doing wrong? How can I improve things this year?

Should I think about the paralegal route?

I have noticed that there seem to be increasing opportunities for paralegals: would becoming a paralegal be a more certain way of pursuing a career as a solicitor?

First-year exams

I've just realised my first-year law exams are looming and I've done too much pubbing and procrastinating and nowhere near enough revision. Are first-year exams that important? They don't really count in the long run, do they?

Becoming a solicitor via CILEx: when to do the LPC?

I obtained my LPC in 2010 and have been working as a paralegal ever since. With no training contract in sight, can I become a chartered legal executive and go on to qualify as a solicitor that way?

Application advice for a non-law student

I'm in my final year of a non-law degree and have yet to take the GDL - will recruiters take into consideration that someone like me will not have a textbook understanding of the law, or is the application process harder or different in any way for non-law students?

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