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The Oracle

Consult the Oracle and you will find enlightenment... At LawCareers.Net we often receive queries about the processes and options related to joining the legal profession. Some questions arise again and again, while others are fiendishly obscure. Each week we'll publish one of the more interesting inquiries (anonymously) and provide an informative answer. But don’t worry – most letters are answered privately. Email us at oracle@lawcareers.net and don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.

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Cut out for a life of crime?

I am interested in a career in criminal law, but I am not sure how I would feel defending a client who I knew was guilty of a serious crime such as rape or murder. Is this a problem that other people have and should I be considering a different area of law instead?

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All about skills

I'm thinking of changing career direction and pursuing law, but I'm not convinced that I've got what it takes. What skills and attributes do you need to be a good lawyer?

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Going to the Bar?

I’ve just started the second year of my law degree and want to become a human rights barrister. I keep hearing people say that only Oxbridge students get pupillages. Is this true?

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Mastering the problem

I'm toying with the idea of doing a masters degree after my undergraduate studies. It would be a pretty expensive undertaking though. What factors should I take into account in helping me make the decision?

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So many firms, so little time

I am currently researching which firms to apply to for a training contract. How many applications is it sensible to make? Obviously I want to make good applications and focus on those firms which best match my interests, but there are so many firms it is hard to whittle down the list!

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