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Barristers working in youth courts to undergo compulsory registration in order to improve representation of young people, BSB announces

New measures to improve the quality of advocacy in youth courts have been announced by the Bar Standards Board.


LCN Awards 2017: law firm and training principal nominees announced

We are delighted to bring you details of the firms and individuals who are nominated for the 14th annual LawCareers.Net Training & Recruitment Awards. The awards will be presented at a glamorous event at Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London on 18 May.


Does the Law Society impede the SRA’s independence? Legal Services Board launches probe

The Legal Services Board has launched an investigation into whether the Solicitors Regulation Authority is sufficiently independent – a move that will put further pressure on the Law Society, which remains the approved regulator of solicitors.

Removal of harsh evidence rules should help domestic violence victims

The Law Society has welcomed the removal of a five-year time limit on evidence of abuse from domestic violence victims. This rule has previously prevented victims from being able to obtain legal aid.


Top firms sign up to new Pro Bono Charter

Many law firms, in-house legal departments and other organisations including the Government Legal Department have become the founding signatories of the Law Society’s Pro Bono Charter. 


Commercial news round-up: HSBC, Barclays, Co-op, business rates, Kraft Heinz, Bovis

This round-up is big on banks; they seem to have featured heavily in the past week’s news cycle. For tales of their varying woes, plus much more, read on.


MoD combat immunity proposals would shut soldiers and families out of justice, warns Law Society

The Ministry of Defence’s plan to extend the concept of ‘combat immunity’ will lead to soldiers being unable to access justice and cover-ups, the Law Society has warned. 


Brexit could lead to skills shortage in law and other professions as overseas graduates lose interest in Britain, LinkedIn study indicates

A serious decline in the number of overseas professionals looking for work in the United Kingdom could spell a talent shortage in the UK legal profession, a LinkedIn study of data from over three million people has indicated.  

BSB publishes new strategy to improve diversity, social mobility and access to justice in the barristers’ profession by 2019

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has published a diversity strategy for the next two years after a report it commissioned found that much progress still needs to be made in opening up the barristers’ profession to people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. 


Commercial news round-up: Co-op, RBS, Rolls Royce, National Minimum Wage

When the US intelligence community is reportedly withholding information from its own commander in chief due to a belief that he and his circle are beholden to a hostile foreign intelligence service, and this is all happening against the backdrop of nuclear escalation in North Korea and the return to the great obsession of war hawks and neo-conservatives, confrontation with Iran, you know it’s time to sit up and engage with far more than just the latest business developments. However, the business world never stops moving even when more existential concerns push it off the front pages, and here is this week’s round-up of the big commercial stories.