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We're a mouthy bunch here at LC.N, so we thought why not harness that verbosity for the power of good and put our words down on paper (well, screen). Our new blog spot will feature contributions from various members of the team, on topics that range from social networking to how to wow at interview to the implications of the Legal Services Act. We welcome comments, so if we've said something interesting or something you disagree with, let us know by logging in to MyLC.N and leaving a comment! It’s the 21st Century way you know. Let the opinionated soapboxing begin…

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Your path to practice

Neil Ronan - Your path to practice

The Times has reported that 17,500 law graduates will be competing for 5,000 jobs in law. If you have chosen to read this polemic it is likely you are one of them.

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Costs lawyers: what do they do and how do you become one?

Francis Kendall - Costs lawyers: what do they do and how do you become one?

The profession of costs lawyer has evolved from the previous area of practice, known as a law costs draftsman.

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