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We regularly publish Features designed to increase your knowledge of the recruitment process or of the legal profession as a whole. Some are produced in-house, while others are written by experts from firms, chambers, universities and other organisations within the legal community. Topics range from application and interview tips to best law fair freebies. Don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.


Finding a training contract

Finding a training contract can be a frustrating process. Read on for some top application and interview tips.

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A how-to guide to researching firms

Law firm research may not be the most thrilling of topics (or activities), but it's impossible to net a training contract without it. Here we give you a handy guide to that much talked about but rarely explained concept and reveal just why it's so important.

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Legal apprenticeships: an alternative route to a legal career

For many, rises in university tuition fees have created a financial barrier to law, but legal apprenticeships promise to make legal careers more accessible to those with motivation and talent, as well as diversify legal training to match changes being introduced to the profession by alternative business structures.

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The point of moots: helping you on your way to a successful legal career

For many, mooting can be a bit like going to the dentist - you know it's good for you, but the idea of it is a bit scary and easily avoided. However, it really is one of the best things you can do to get a sense of what it's like to be a legal advocate, giving you the opportunity to get up on your feet and argue your case.

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The inn crowd

You've got to be in it to win it - true of the National Lottery and true of a career at the Bar. As Inner Temple's recruitment and outreach manager Anthony Dursi kindly explains, thanks to the myriad of networking, scholarship and training opportunities on offer, there's much more to gain from joining an Inn than a few posh dinners.

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The hard work of building soft skills

Social networking, communication, negotiation, conveying the right attitude - lawyers need all of these 'softer' skills to complement their hard-earned legal expertise and analytical intelligence. Like any other skill, these abilities can be improved by conscious effort.

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Betwixt and between: what has happened in England and Wales since the LETR?

The publication of the Legal Education and Training Review in 2013 caused much discussion about what its proposals will mean for the lawyers of the future. Here, Jane Ching of Nottingham Law School, gives her view on its impact.

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Applying yourself to pupillage

With the new pupillage application system about to open on 4 March, those of you who aspire to join the Bar need all the help you can get. Leeds-based barrister Simon Myerson writes the excellent blog, Pupillage and How to Get It - a must-read for anyone interested in life at the Bar. Read on for his sage advice on filling in pupillage applications.

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Insight into: client secondments

Client secondments provide trainees with a valuable opportunity to spend time working closely with a client in its in-house legal team; taking on greater responsibility, developing an understanding of the client’s business and building strong client relationships that will have long-term benefits well after the trainee has qualified. 

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What you need to know about the Clementi Review

The recommendations of the Clementi Review have the power to affect both the way in which you are trained and the profession that you ultimately join. Peter Wright, former chair of the Trainee Solicitors Group (TSG), writing in 2005, explains why.

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