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We regularly publish Features designed to increase your knowledge of the recruitment process or of the legal profession as a whole. Some are produced in-house, while others are written by experts from firms, chambers, universities and other organisations within the legal community. Topics range from application and interview tips to best law fair freebies. Don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.


Is the City right for you?

There’s never been a more interesting time to join the big business world of City law. Don’t for one minute imagine that you need a certain type of background. City recruiters know it’s all about how far a person can go in the future, not where they’ve already come from.


Best of the legal web – general resources

Everyone has their favourite, go-to legal website for information or research, but this compilation cuts across personal preference. Amanda Millmore, non-practising barrister and founder of CPD provider Legal Training, offers a broad selection of some of the best legal resources for lawyers (and would-be lawyers) of all persuasions.


Law firm presentations and open days: your excellent opportunity to learn and network

Presenting… law firm presentations. They're beneficial for all concerned, as they give firms a chance to showcase their offices, people and knowledge, and you the chance to show that you're super keen and eager to learn. Read on to find out more about how to prepare and how to impress.


Training contracts, pupillages and careers in law: get started with LC.N

A new academic year has begun and the recruitment race is underway. We have lots of tips on how to hotwire your way into a legal career, including full-throttle info on self-analysis, research, law fairs and where to seek help. Drop the pedal to the metal and let's go!


Training contract interviews made easy

The good news is you've been invited to a training contract interview. The bad news is that might sound quite daunting! Don't panic. This article explores what you should be doing in preparation and how best to present yourself on the day.


Law firm assessment centres: what to expect

Assessment centres are a common part of the recruitment process for law firms, as they offer the chance to see beyond application forms to how candidates actually get on in a work environment. Oliver Savill, director of AssessmentDay, offers his advice on what to expect.


CVs, cover letters and applications: LC.N's guide to formal writing

According to recruiters, too many applications are let down by sloppy writing skills. Read on for a quick crash course in the precise parlance of formal application writing.


Practical tips for completing excellent online application forms

Should I use my Gmail, Hotmail or an academic email address when giving contact details? How strictly are deadlines enforced? Are there any ways of saving myself some time? AllHires' Amy Elderfield has the answers!


Finding a training contract: research, application and interview

Finding a training contract can be a frustrating process. Read on for some top application and interview tips.


Are you commercially aware?

We've said it before and, oh look, here we are saying it again. Commercial awareness is one of the key skills that law firms look for in future trainees and thus, if you are to succeed, you will need to develop this particular area of your brain.

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