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We regularly publish Features designed to increase your knowledge of the recruitment process or of the legal profession as a whole. Some are produced in-house, while others are written by experts from firms, chambers, universities and other organisations within the legal community. Topics range from application and interview tips to best law fair freebies. Don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.


An alternative legal future? ABSolutely!

Never in the history of legal acronyms have three letters caused such a stir. We're talking, of course, about alternative business structures (ABS). And with three years having passed since the first ABS licences were issued, it's time for an update on all things 'Tesco law' and what it now means for aspiring legal professionals.


Be part of the Inn crowd: joining an Inn of Court

You've got to be in it to win it - true of the National Lottery and true of a career at the Bar. As Inner Temple's Outreach Manager Struan Campbell kindly explains, thanks to the myriad of networking, scholarship and training opportunities on offer, there's much more to gain from joining an Inn than a few posh dinners.


Making a career change into law

Although in a minority, the legal profession boasts many examples of lawyers who changed careers at a later date, having started out in a different vocation. If you’re thinking about making a career change into law, read on for some information and advice.

Practising charity and social enterprise law

Working as a charity and social enterprise lawyer is varied and challenging, and many lawyers in this field go home after a day at the office feeling good about being a small part of the fantastic things that your clients are achieving. Sarah Payne of Bates Wells Braithwaite is one such lawyer – read on as she describes what it means to work in this rewarding sector.


The hard work of building soft skills

Social networking, communication, negotiation, conveying the right attitude - lawyers need all of these 'softer' skills to complement their hard-earned legal expertise and analytical intelligence. Like any other skill, these abilities can be improved by conscious effort.


Best of the legal web - practice areas

Understanding what goes on in different practice areas is an important part of deciding which legal career path to take. Amanda Millmore, non-practising barrister and founder of CPD provider Legal Training, offers a broad selection of some of the best online resources for lawyers (and would-be lawyers) of all persuasions.


Inside the LPC

The LPC is the next step for an aspiring solicitor after completion of a law degree or GDL. It is the vocational stage of training required to become a solicitor and as a result, is focused on providing you with the essential skills required to successfully practice as a lawyer. 


The BPTC: info and insight

A crucial step on the way to the Bar is the BPTC. Ian Fox, barrister and BPTC course leader at Nottingham Law School, explains what you can expect on the course that will transform you from theoretical student to practical would-be-barrister.


A look inside the GDL

The Graduate Diploma in Law: what is it, why study it and how is it different to a law degree? This feature, written by BPP Law School's Andrew Chadwick, will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the law conversion course.


The best things in life are free: law fair freebies that delighted and disappointed in 2014

Another law fair season has come and gone, and another cohort of law students grasped their way to endless supplies of sticky tabs and sugar-laden treats courtesy of law firm giveaways. Not one to miss out, the LC.N team joined to deliver our verdict on the tech-tastic gizmos and the best of the rest.

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