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We regularly publish Features designed to increase your knowledge of the recruitment process or of the legal profession as a whole. Some are produced in-house, while others are written by experts from firms, chambers, universities and other organisations within the legal community. Topics range from application and interview tips to best law fair freebies. Don’t forget to comment by signing into MyLC.N.


Making a career change into law

Although in a minority, the legal profession boasts many examples of lawyers who changed careers at a later date, having started out in a different vocation. Meanwhile, some law firms are increasingly welcoming applications from mature candidates. If you’re thinking about making a career change into law, read on for some information and advice.


Legal aid: why equality before the law no longer exists in the UK in 2016

Legal aid is a vital part of the justice system which provides funding for legal representation to people who could not otherwise afford it. Unfortunately, cuts to the legal aid budget and court fee hikes mean that legal aid lawyers are struggling as never before, and that many UK citizens in 2016 cannot afford to access the justice system.


The reforming regulator: what’s the SRA been up to recently?

The SRA is on a mission to reduce bureaucracy and streamline its processes, including in relation to education and training. As such, you need to know what this regulator has changed and what it has got planned. Read on for an explanation on the regulatory amends that could affect your path to qualified solicitor.  


The BPTC: all you need to know about the postgraduate course for becoming a barrister

A crucial step on the way to the Bar is the BPTC. Ian Fox, barrister and BPTC course leader at Nottingham Law School, explains what you can expect on the course that will transform you from theoretical student to practical would-be-barrister.


Inside the LPC

The LPC is the next step for an aspiring solicitor after completion of a law degree or GDL. It is the vocational stage of training required to become a solicitor and as a result, is focused on providing you with the essential skills required to successfully practice as a lawyer.


A look inside the GDL

The Graduate Diploma in Law: what is it, why study it and how is it different to a law degree? This feature, written by BPP University Law School's Andrew Chadwick, will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the law conversion course.


Law fair freebies: the gifts that (sometimes) keep giving for the switched-on student

Many law firms put a lot of effort into the free gifts that they hand out at university law fairs, so what is the thinking behind this marketing ploy beyond just handing out free stuff? LC.N’s Matt Broadbent, veteran of the legal scene, explains law firm recruitment marketing so you can approach your next networking event armed with some insight – and looks at which firms did it well (or not) this year.


A how-to guide to researching law firms

Law firm research may not be the most thrilling of topics (or activities), but it's impossible to net a training contract without it. Here is a guide to that much talked about, but rarely explained, concept and an explanation of why it's so important.


Don’t have a law degree, but want to get into law?

Not having a law degree is no barrier to becoming a lawyer – in fact, the modern legal profession is full of non-law graduates, and the skills and experiences gained studying and working in other fields can be used to your advantage.


Financing your studies: advice for funding the LLB, GDL, LPC and BPTC

Money makes the world go round, they say, and it will certainly be a major consideration as you proceed through the halls of academia, be that at undergrad or postgrad level. Read on for a description of some of the loan and scholarship schemes that are available to you as a would-be lawyer.

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