Law firm financial information


Turnover gives you an idea of the size of the firm; generally, the bigger the turnover, the bigger the firm. If you compared the number of lawyers with the turnover of firms, you should expect to see a correlation between them. If a firm is bucking this trend, you may want to investigate further as to why. For example, maybe they do disproportionately well or badly, or maybe they are doing higher or lower value work. Turnover may also be a good way to look at which firms are direct competitors. Make sure you check whether the figure listed is for the UK or international operation of the firm. Don’t compare apples with pears!

Starting salary

Generally speaking, the bigger, more profitable firms pay more, but that’s not the end of it. For instance, US firms in London often have an established ‘going rate’ that comes from the United States, which means that they may pay more than UK headquartered firms. Remember also that firms don’t pay these figures for fun. They want hard work back from you – maybe more than you are comfortable with – so it doesn’t hurt to explore billing/hourly targets as well.

Profits per equity partner (PEP)

This figure is simply the total profits divided by the number of (usually equity) partners. It’s not what they take home – some monies will inevitably be reinvested in the business and there are lots of ways for organisations to spend (or influence perceptions of) profits. Massive profits may also mean that everyone else is paid a pittance. In other words, PEP is a good indicator of firm success and affluence, but is not wholly reliable. Look deeper!

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