The beginner’s guide to becoming a brand ambassador

Christianah Babajide - The beginner’s guide to becoming a brand ambassador

It’s easy to get lost in the wealth of information that’s available about different law firms and businesses. To help you get a real sense of what firms are like, this year’s City University Blake Morgan brand ambassador, Christianah Babajide, offers an authentic insight into working for international firm, Blake Morgan LLP.

Since I have started working for Blake Morgan, I have had many students ask me how that came about. While I cannot indulge all my secrets, I would love to share a few tips on how to be a successful brand ambassador.

Firstly, it is important to understand the role of a brand ambassador; you are effectively a bridge to a firm’s brand for the general public (which in this case are law students), thus it’s important to have a positive presence online and in person. Here is my beginner’s guide to becoming a brand ambassador…

Be passionate

As a brand ambassador, you are the eyes and ears on campus for your firm, thus it’s essential to be passionate about your job. Full-service commercial firms, such as Blake Morgan, rely on their ambassadors to measure student attitudes and learn more about campus activities. Some of the ways to show you are passionate about your job is by attending the firm’s events, building strong relationships with your university’s careers service and student law society, and advertising opportunities through various channels including flyering, postering, lecture-shout outs and social media platforms. Remember to communicate with the graduate team, monitor the firm’s profile on campus and provide feedback throughout the academic year – it is essential to carry them along and keep people enthusiastic.

Know what the role involves

As a brand ambassador, you will gain invaluable experience in marketing, advertising and event management, while establishing a strong professional network of contacts within the legal industry. One of your responsibilities as brand ambassador will include strategically distributing promotional items and literature on campus. One of the things I enjoy about this role is collecting student feedback on effective ways to engage with them and brainstorming ideas around ways to improve the firm’s presence on campus. Going forward, this role has given me invaluable insight into the firm’s stance in the legal market and its strategies for growth; getting to know the graduate recruitment team has enabled me to pinpoint common traits of a successful candidate.

Utilise social media

When it comes to corporate brands as well as personal ones, reach is a numbers game. And having a lot of reach in terms of your following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can give you the kind of leverage it takes to become a brand ambassador. I utilise Facebook and Twitter to generate interest in Blake Morgan news and events by frequently posting, commenting and sharing vacation schemes and training contract opportunities throughout the academic year. By talking to students at law fairs and promoting the firm’s activities online, I am able identify Blake Morgan’s unique selling points.

What’s in it for you?

A stint as a brand ambassador for a leading firm could further your legal career. The skills you develop on the job are very much in demand by top graduate employers. This role shows that you understand about branding, marketing and commercial awareness. Just having the title on your CV shows employers that you’re a good communicator who knows how to engage with people in a positive and persuasive manner. It also reveals that you are well connected among your peers because of your networking skills. Working as a brand ambassador, you will make some useful contacts within the firm – who may remember you further down the line and may even help you land a graduate job with the firm!

Be yourself

Originality is the hallmark of a fantastic brand ambassador. Stand out with your unique content and personality. One of the ways I found my niche was by identifying my strengths, interests and passion. I am good at English language and love expressing myself through words, so I took to online blogging in my role as brand ambassador, and I am constantly sharing and publishing written content with the hope of inspiring other law students. Being a successful brand ambassador is using your strengths to help you stand out in your job.

Top Tips on how you can land the role

Google is your friend
You can find out about different firms with representative programmes by googling “law firms with campus ambassador roles.” Your university’s careers service can help with this search – they may even have programmes advertised on their website. Once you have compiled a list, you can then determine if those firms meet your interest and if you’d be eager to represent them on your campus.

Explore law firm websites
It is important to be aware of what the firm is all about before you apply to be a representative. Being knowledgeable of the firm can help you be a better representative and even possibly help you in an interview further down the road. You can become informed by exploring the firm’s websites, reading their brochures, speaking to trainees during law fairs, deciphering unique selling points and even connecting to some of the firm’s trainees and associates via LinkedIn.

Contact firms directly
If the firm you are interested in doesn’t seem to have a campus ambassador programme, contact the firm directly! In a cover letter, express your desire and passion to represent the firm and explain why you think you’d make a great campus ambassador – don’t forget to send them a copy of your CV. The worst-case scenario is that the firm’s graduate recruitment team now has your CV on file and may contact you in the future! Showing an interest in the organisation is only going to help you in the long run, so go for it!

I hope this beginner’s guide to becoming a brand ambassador helps you find the right firm for you.

Christianah is a London law student and the editor-in-chief of the City Law School student law society online magazine.

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