Hi I’m Violet, and I will be a final-year English & French student from September. Although I’m a non-law student, I am looking to pursue a career in law after graduating. I love writing – so blogging is the ideal way for me to get across my experience of the legal world from a non-law perspective, as well as other general musings that I have about the law!



How to use your summer holidays effectively

Amid sunny afternoons in the park, the summer holidays are a great time to get ahead – whether that is in your career, your studies or both. Here are three things that you can do during the summer to use the break effectively.


How is the market reacting to increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly sustainable products?

In the last few years, there has been a notable increase in consciousness, from both governments and consumers, towards the environment. With plastic bag charges introduced in 2015, and bans on single-use plastics in many countries set to come into force in the coming years, the market has been influenced too.


Four ways that getting involved in a university society can help you in law interviews

When you first embark on a university degree, there are so many things to consider (eg, new place, new friends and getting to grips with the course) that the last thing on your mind might be adding to that list and getting involved in a student society. But most UK universities now have an extensive list of societies that welcome newcomers, and it is well worth trying to get involved from the offset. No matter whether you’re interested in sport, dance, film, language or radio, you can get involved with a host of groups at university. Not only can these be a fun way to relax, stay fit or make friends, they can also be invaluable as a discussion point in legal interviews.


Working in-house versus working in a law firm

In the current market, businesses are searching for different ways to reduce their business costs and may decide to do so by reducing their reliance on law firms. As such, in-house experience may be an option worth considering if you are looking to gain specific insight into one particular business, while remaining focused on a legal career.