Hi I’m Violet, and I will be a final-year English & French student from September. Although I’m a non-law student, I am looking to pursue a career in law after graduating. I love writing – so blogging is the ideal way for me to get across my experience of the legal world from a non-law perspective, as well as other general musings that I have about the law!



Are tighter laws the answer to the world’s climate change crisis?

In a long-awaited move towards battling plastic pollution, the European Parliament recently voted in favour of laws that will see single-use plastics banned across all EU countries from 2021.


What does Article 13 mean for the future of the Internet?

The European Parliament recently made some important decisions concerning copyright law which will have major implications for companies at the forefront of the tech industry. This blog post discusses the recently approved EU Copyright Directive, which was passed by representatives of the European parliament this week by 348 votes to 274.


What are the advantages of working as a law firm campus ambassador?

Being a campus ambassador is an exciting position of responsibility and helps students to gain certain valuable skills along the way. The role offers insight into a firm’s culture and marketing techniques, helps to develop time management, project management and communication skills, and provides key networking opportunities.


Should law firms be worried about the rise of alternative legal service provider accountancy firms?

Increasing competition from non-traditional legal service providers is one of the biggest challenges facing law firms today.