Hi I’m Violet, and I will be a final-year English & French student from September. Although I’m a non-law student, I am looking to pursue a career in law after graduating. I love writing – so blogging is the ideal way for me to get across my experience of the legal world from a non-law perspective, as well as other general musings that I have about the law!



Working in-house versus working in a law firm

In the current market, businesses are searching for different ways to reduce their business costs and may decide to do so by reducing their reliance on law firms. As such, in-house experience may be an option worth considering if you are looking to gain specific insight into one particular business, while remaining focused on a legal career.


How to stay motivated during exam season

When the sun is shining but you’ve got a packed timetable of exams ahead, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 


How will the role of solicitors change over the next few years?

As most aspiring solicitors will know, one of the most useful ways to get an insight into the profession that they hope to pursue is to talk to current trainees and solicitors. However, the experiences of people currently in these positions could end up being quite different from those who haven’t yet entered the profession. New developments and advancements globally will have a major influence on several different aspects of the profession. How solicitors qualify, what they do as trainees or who their clients might be could all be aspects of the job that undergo major changes over the next few years.


Are tighter laws the answer to the world’s climate change crisis?

In a long-awaited move towards battling plastic pollution, the European Parliament recently voted in favour of laws that will see single-use plastics banned across all EU countries from 2021.