Hi I’m Violet, and I will be a final-year English & French student from September. Although I’m a non-law student, I am looking to pursue a career in law after graduating. I love writing – so blogging is the ideal way for me to get across my experience of the legal world from a non-law perspective, as well as other general musings that I have about the law!



Industry-specific practice areas in commercial law – an overview

Commercial law requires a certain degree of financial awareness and knowledge; however, you don’t have to specialise in finance-heavy client work. A wide variety of alternative practice areas are also available, particularly in City firms.


Volunteering with Citizens Advice - what are the advantages?

When you’re looking to stand out in law firm applications, it is really useful to have some volunteering experience under your belt. Not only does voluntary work show that you are a kind and giving person, but volunteering with Citizens Advice in particular has an array of added benefits for law students.


How to increase your commercial awareness – aside from reading the news

It’s the season for vacation scheme applications, training contract interviews, assessment centres – you name it! This means you'll probably be wanting to keep up-to-date with the business world, and there are some pretty cool ways you can keep on top of everything!


Four novels you should read to learn about the law

Studying law doesn’t have to mean that you read only heavy non-fiction books. As a non-law student, I know that there is a lot of great literature out there that can help you on the pathway to becoming a lawyer. Here's a list of four of my favourite novels to help you learn about the law.