The Legal Learner

The Legal Learner

What’s it like starting again when being an undergraduate feels like a distant memory? I’m a part-time LPC student, part-time worker and full-time wannabe solicitor. Follow me and learn from my mistakes as I tackle exams, wrestle with coursework and prepare for a training contract. Wish me luck…



What area of law is right for you?

Although it’s not necessary to know what area of law you want to qualify into at an early stage, and many people change their minds over the course of their training contracts anyway, there are some factors that you can use a rough guide to help narrow things down.


Applying for qualified positions

As a trainee, the holy grail at the end of what feels like a long two years is, of course, a position as a qualified solicitor.


Common 'client interview' mistakes when applying for a vacation scheme

When I first interviewed at my current firm for a position on the vacation scheme, one of the more nerve wracking tasks I was asked to perform was the ‘client interview’.


The five types of trainee solicitor

If you are fortunate enough to have secured a training contract, or hope to do so, watch out for the following 'trainee types' that you may run into along the way.