The Legal Learner

The Legal Learner

What’s it like starting again when being an undergraduate feels like a distant memory? I’m a part-time LPC student, part-time worker and full-time wannabe solicitor. Follow me and learn from my mistakes as I tackle exams, wrestle with coursework and prepare for a training contract. Wish me luck…



Harassment - in the news and in the workplace

Recently, barely a day goes past without a new allegation of sexual harassment being reported.


In a quandary over qualifying

In the next three months or so I will be picking my final seat (subject to what the firm's partners need, of course) and I am hoping that the choice directly supports my preferred area of law. In order to make this decision, though, I will need to decide what my preferred area actually is!


Introduction to employment

I recently started the third seat of my training contract, in my firm's employment team.


Presentation skills: it's all in the present

A few weeks ago my firm arranged for its trainees to attend a one-day workshop on presentation skills.