Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise

Greetings friends and welcome! I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2013, and over the past few years have progressed from paralegal to trainee and finally to NQ within a top 50 regional law firm. Join my guide dog and I as we ride the highs, weather the lows and tackle the challenges which form everyday life as a solicitor!



Is less really more?

As any law student would assert, law is an extremely complex and diverse faculty and, frankly, there is a very great deal of it.


Santa’s terms and conditions for the supply of gifts

These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) govern the relationship between each person requesting Gifts (“Recipient”) and Clause International Ltd trading as Santa Clause (“Santa”).


Networking: part 2 – the power of social media

When we think of networking, the first image that springs to mind is often one of a large room full of smartly dressed individuals.


Networking: part 1 – an alternative approach

Once you’ve mastered the knack of building and boosting your profile within your firm, it will be time for you to begin developing your external network.