Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise

Greetings friends and welcome! I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2013, and over the past few years have progressed from paralegal to trainee and finally to NQ within a top 50 regional law firm. Join my guide dog and I as we ride the highs, weather the lows and tackle the challenges which form everyday life as a solicitor!



Disability in the workplace

The negative connotations associated with the term 'disability' have ever been a thorn in my side and I find the legal definition equally galling.


Take the leap!

Each of us has our own comfort zone; a particular place, whether physical or metaphorical, where we feel at ease.


How to manage the decreasing level of supervision as a junior solicitor

Throughout your training contract and even for a while post-qualification, the aim is for you to develop and how better to do this than by requesting and receiving feedback on your work? However, eventually, this will change.


Public speaking – five useful tips

It’s pretty safe to say that very few people are completely comfortable with the process of public speaking, but the level of discomfort ranges widely in intensity; for some, it is merely unpleasant, for others it can be downright terrifying.