Paris Bradley

Paris Bradley

I am a mature student, undertaking an undergraduate law degree at a small university in the south. I am also a single mother to two fabulous children. I have just completed my first year and am eagerly awaiting the start of second year. This time I will be armed with a better idea of how to tackle common law student issues; something I will be sharing on here.



Limited liability for small businesses

Persons who wish to engage in business activities should do so via a form of business structure. The four main business structures are sole proprietorship, ordinary partnership, limited liability partnership and registered companies. The latter two are formed through a process called incorporation and are known as bodies corporate.



The relationship between law and technology continues to develop at lightning speed, so I thought I would help you by suggesting a few topics that are relevant when researching how to answer application questions.


Pro Bono and Justice Week

National <i>Pro Bono</i> Week is an annual event (Monday 29 October until Friday 2 November) which brings everyone together to celebrate all who provide <i>pro bono</i> work.



Amicus ALJ and the death penalty

Most of us are familiar with the issues surrounding the use of the death penalty. Being involved with Amicus ALJ allows you to help people affected by the death penalty and learn many new skills to use in your legal studies and career.