Paris Bradley

Paris Bradley

I am a mature student, undertaking an undergraduate law degree at a small university in the south. I am also a single mother to two fabulous children. I have just completed my first year and am eagerly awaiting the start of second year. This time I will be armed with a better idea of how to tackle common law student issues; something I will be sharing on here.



Understanding alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is growing massively in the legal sector due to its cost-effectiveness and success rates in comparison to going to court. ADR utilises dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation, to help disputing parties come to an agreement. 


Are smart home devices always listening?

The popularity of smart home devices such as Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) has seen a rise in their presence within our homes. But with smart home assistant devices planted throughout our rooms, are our conversations really as private as we believe?


Juggling being a parent and studying for a degree

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I am honest as they come. 


Limited liability for small businesses

Persons who wish to engage in business activities should do so via a form of business structure. The four main business structures are sole proprietorship, ordinary partnership, limited liability partnership and registered companies. The latter two are formed through a process called incorporation and are known as bodies corporate.