Matthew Dow

Matthew Dow

Hello! I am Matt, I completed my undergraduate in History and Politics at Oxford in 2014. I have pivoted to law after spending the last few years working in mobile marketing for King, the makers of Candy Crush. I have just finished the GDL and LLB extension at the University of Law, Bloomsbury. Finding a legal role is a meandering experience. I am keen to pass on any lessons learned.



What to do in the limbo period following applications?

January was a busy month for many aspiring lawyers. The new year entailed increased work demands following the holiday break, as well as study and exam pressures. Furthermore, most firms had their vacation scheme deadlines.


Which legal character are you?

Many job advertisements feature questions that aim to demonstrate the candidate’s creative thinking and to reveal an insight into their personality. 


Legal technology – question the hype

A glance at LawCareers.Net’s Commercial Question section confirms that technology is a central issue within the legal sector. Readers are updated about many current trends, including the gig economy, e-privacy, open banking, digital copyright regulations and cyber-attacks. Likewise, numerous articles address the developments regarding artificial intelligence (AI), regtech and blockchain.


Reflecting on mistakes as a lawyer

As a lawyer, especially a junior lawyer, you are inevitably going to make mistakes. This does not mean that you are without agency though. What every lawyer can control is their reaction to making a mistake.